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  1. [New Player] Looking for advises :)

    Thank you everyone for your advises
  2. [New Player] Looking for advises :)

    @Calista-DN Haha, I personally am not a fan of FF actually so...it's alright But the PvP you mentioned, is it for end game or just based on event/quest? @Voltric-DN @Cheesecake-DN Thank you for the input. Yea I got quite overwhelmed yesterday when all of a sudden there were so many crafting starter quests. I guess I will wait and see which one I want @Bryos-KT Thank you~ Yea I am still doing some low level quests for their back stories. So far, not too bad I guess
  3. [New Player] Looking for advises :)

    Hello Aion community~ So I started playing over the weekend and so far, I like the game. I know that the game has been out for a long time and it must have been through a lot of changes. With that said, do you have any advises for a newbie like me? I am in to PvE contents only -- Solo/Party farming, raid, dungeons runs -- Currently, I am playing a Songweaver. Any advises would be much appreciated!