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  1. I'll take the option not listed. Stay on Israphel. So that's the option I'll take
  2. I received an email saying my sub is expired soon. Click the link to renew. I'm not ready to give up yet.
  3. No server merge! I have never seen so much whining I'm Asmo on IS and you can fight against the odds
  4. I seem to recall that anytime I bought Quna, the empryan pass and my recurring sub it says no refunds. I just purchased Quna as a test and on the email it says Online purchases are non-returnable and non-refundable
  5. Yes I am aware of that. I do not want to pay a sub for another account. Also, even if I made a new free account, which I won't because of restrictions, I'd still lose what I had put into my Asmo characters on IS
  6. so what do you suggest for players like me that have one account and characters on both servers different factions? They merge the servers and I lose my Asmo characters, the Kinah I earned in harvests sold on the broker. And I would also lose all the earned on the Daeva pass. How would that be fair because you can't have both on the same server.
  7. Yesterday I had a message that said the Daeva pass ends in 20 hours please buy the levels. I'm not buying any levels. I had one character left that I wanted to get the personal kisk for but not going to happen. Can't call in sick for a kisk LOL I think that it resets and you lose the prior ones. Or it may just be over I don't know.
  8. I don't want the servers merged. I do appreciate the survey that I received this morning. Sure wasn't aware that I could have Asmo and Elyos on the same server if they merged. I'm not even close to level 50 on either side but on IS there were quite a few people around. Seems it's to early to talk merger but that's just my thought.
  9. To late for me I already set up my recurring sub.
  10. I've played Everquest II for 14 years and GW2 for a long time. In Everquest if you are a member you get loyalty points, with those points you can buy bags of 500 plat each. You can also buy Kronos in the store, 30 day memberships, and sell them on the broker for millions of plat. And when there are ingame bonuses only members get them. I don't see how the candies are any different. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing on any of it but EQ's been around for a long time. GW2 you can buy gem and trade for gold in the shop It's nothing new
  11. There seems to be plenty of people about when I play on Asmo Isrphael. How was it known that IS would fail? Do you have inside knowledge.
  12. I'm happy about this! I work full time and don't get as much time to play. Now maybe I can catch up! Thank you ☺️
  13. I'd like confirmation on the Daeva pass please. So it seems as if the title is for only one character. I'm not able to claim it on any other character is that correct? So when the 90 day pass preorder I purchased goes in to effect are the rewards for one character only? The pass is account wide though right? Thank you
  14. My poor ranger feel so lost now Hope it's fixed soon.
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