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  1. I actually agree with him. I would guess maybe not to many do and really like it now. I keep coming to the forum hoping something might change. And as to the above "change is hard" that's true but "disaster" is very hard. And disaster is what has happened to and in this game. What is hard for me is to finally find I had to walk away after years if playing. I haven't even done that with GW1. That's what's hard for me.
  2. I did do just that yesterday. I made a new account and a new character. I tried to think like a new player and it was what? This is nothing. So by the time I got to Beluslan(spelling) I was bored and logged off. Follow the Odella really? So yes I did try.
  3. I agree with you. I loved the story and being lousy at PvP I loved the PvE. The sides stories all of it. I was in beta all the way up to yesterday. An army of alts that are pretty useless now - but is was great fun! Never reached a max level but play all the classes. Oh well I have GW1 and 2 and in 2 do the story line get a griffon that flies. So there's other stuff to do. Will I miss Aion yes but life goes on.
  4. Being an untrusting person of game companies I distributed my kinah between all characters on account. Same with the legion warehouse since I am the only one in the legion. But so disappointed in the whole thing i uninstalled Aion last night. To me there isn't a game anymore just a double fast track to the end. What happens after a few months and all there is is the new zone.
  5. Hello, I haven't played for awhile but there used to be an NPC in Sanctum where I could combine two armors for appearance. I have some Asmo armor from way back that I had been updating as I leveled and got new armor. I could not find the NPC yesterday. Is this something that can still be done and if so where is the NPC. Thank you for any help.
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