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  1. Yeah... we could call them notpatchnotes. Here some to read https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/8.0_Update though I don't know which "changes" our dear NCWest might have done. Also, H.Ello's 8.0 series: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLThLxWl8q1c1DGZTvhDhfqSQxRKtnPBUF Hope that helps. Lots of asmo love, 🧉Zeyra🧉
  2. Is so sad reading comments like this one, players refering to those who can't afford a suscription as "bots and etc"... the resemblance to Micky Vainilla is quite shocking (not). But then again, when aion community was not toxic af? Have fun wasting your money on an old version of a dead game. 🧉Lots of love, Zeyra🧉
  3. Google translate and... https://aion.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleId=969577 We got ourselves a "hidden" event guide
  4. Daevanion skills were in lvl 5 reward box https://www.aiononline.com/news/hungry-hatchlings
  5. Hi. I'm only getting 1-2 stars. As the prev patch. Is it only me? or change didnt apply? @Kibbelz QQ
  6. GG 5 pages of the same 2-3 players fighting over their opinions... good luck reading that @Kibbelz 😂 👆 Old good surveys asking for players's opinion might narrow it down and reach ppl that is lazy to log into forum or just don't find it useful. I'm going to agree with the players that do want auto hunt system. Why? 1- not everyone has the time to grind (not my case) players that support this game has less time. 2- most ppl that has been playing aion for a long time is tired of grinding, and drop is aweful. 3- Experience Marks are new currency to get everthing in renown npcs,
  7. hI, @Kibbelz can you let us know which rewards we could get from the protectorate boxes? https://www.aiononline.com/news/tiamarantas-eye-returns
  8. @Kibbelz how about disable the event until you have a solution... meanwhile investigate the ones that did get something, specially those who did more than 1 day in a rode... not so hard?
  9. Hi: I really wasn't aiming to make anybody upset when I made that comment. It was just to cut the sour a bit and sweeten the end of the year. As soon as I saw that Kibbelz's sadness Sywo's video played in my mind. My advice is that if you guys are bored and have the time, take it to watch the video, if someone knows about complain is Sywo, and him closing the year like that, unless for me is a wake up call. To be clear, when is time to complain, I'm one of the first. I do think that there are lots of issues yet to take care. For me, the most important is to care about the retur
  10. @Kibbelz Thx!! Don't listen to those guys, the one QQing about ultimate transformation already has one and the other one QQing about minions is just mad all the time. I don't have ulti yet, holding my transformations to combine when next event happens but still happy about that minion promotion. Also, you let us know in advance about that >> "El que avisa no traiciona". I know is going to help a lot of ppl that didn't succed and has no rank S yet. Merry Christmas!! 🧉Zeyra🧉
  11. Every time I see a post about skins I remember the 30 min long everlasting Skin's previews that Hime and Gideon made... 5.8 https://youtu.be/WhxjA9GE7yg?t=1280 6.2 https://youtu.be/A6K8_2g_260?t=3026 Yeah, sadly along with Aion's playerbase I just think they also quitted Aion...
  12. Yeah, I hope but idk. I don't think they are seeing how bad it is, playerbase is so low. They could have seized this opportunity to make for all those returnings and new ppl that can't catch up with us oldies (until they find a more permanent solution, hopefully). Eg.: With each key we use get random low tier rewards, ancient enchantment stones, low tier cubics, exp marks, and all those goodies that atm are hard to get. Again, the amount of coins we get are not enough... 1 reward a week or per event if you go for the best is not rewarding. I see ppl that tries the game and
  13. idk, I still think this event is bad, I don't like having to wait to go buy items from npc. When NC change to this "farm coins" kind of event Gideon describe it as: events with both rewards at the end and "the chance" to buy the reward you didn't get". And somewhere in the line they got lost.
  14. Looks good but I have the same concern than Ele. @Loki are you going to increase the event coins with get?
  15. I really think they just don't care... We've been sending feedback for how long? Do they know how low playerbase is now? Do they care?
  16. "Animal Farm Medals before maintenance on January 13, 2021" <<<< does that mean that we wont have snowball event? 😢 Also, rewards are so bad, why you hate us? XP x100 buff? I hope you guys are working on a better fix for this garbage patch ¬¬
  17. Hi: So, asuming that you are an asmo :3 After opening the first stigma quest at lvl 20 as Insta said, stay in Beluslan. You have to kill Queen Alukina, she will drop x10 Unidentified Acorn Bundles, which will give you x2-3 Acorn Coins each. In each Belus camp you will have 2 shugos, the one on the right will give you the quest for the stigma in exchange for 20 Acorn Coins. I know you might not see the quest icon but it's there, trust me. Really :) I'm trustworthy. 🧉 (omg mate emoji on Aion's forums wtf!!!) Yes, Alukina drops for lvl 80s. Remember she spawns in each cha
  18. Obviously you are an elyos, why would I want 2 keys when asmos can't get enought Pines for one?...
  19. eeeew no! I didn't get any benefit for that npc bug, which was NC's fault, but I don't believe that is the solution. As others stated before, ppl that bought a second transformation from bcm to qualify for this event are going to be rightfuly upset. And if you are planning only stripping those who got the item but haven't donated... well... nc... Find a better solution! Give 25-30 honey songpyeon to those who didn't get the item, or make Pine Lover Moon easier to get or just give the transformation to players freely. You already have a playerbase that is mad at you, why making it wo
  20. If you guys are going to ruin them like this current event(Daeva Rangers), in my opinion, don't bring them back. Too hard to pug, which discloses the lie about NC wanting us to help others... Too unrewarding to even bother... Just yesterday I was talking to my legionmates and we all agree that not having a reward at the end of the run gives a unrewardling-like feeling. We are just not doing it. In my case, items in the npc are just not interesting enough, over having a purchase limit they can't be saved for the future as some of them disapear in 7 days... Getting a legendary enchantm
  21. Hi @Loki: I supposed to get the daevanion skill box but when the time came it didn't appear in my inventory and the clock reseted. It happend to a friend aswell. In this picture it says that I have been logged for only more than 3 hours but that is cuz I changed characters at some point. Regardless, you can see that something is wrong, I should have at very least a bit more than 1 hour to get my box.
  22. Also you can click on the links to Aion's site and forum and will redirect you already logged, which seems to fix a bug I had if I tried to do that from my browser. So yey to that aswell!
  23. An update of what comes from that testing will be much appreciated. I didn't notice a ping change, 175ms as I'm argentinian, I was scared of choosing my country's region but seems to work just fine. I do wonder what is all about those numbers in the tittle bar, next to Aion.
  24. I'm old and grumpy but I'm loving the new launcher, and that "stream" feature should be judge for the ones that do stream. Am I right? I was actually going to check it out to see how it works Yes you can. You just have to close the launcher (x) and then click on the "aion" icon, not the laucher's.
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