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  1. They are just trying to milk the players before the game is shut down at this point. Disgraceful really
  2. It's an event. Rewards should be better then just playing the game normally. Lower the rewards cost please and ty
  3. I really believe NC has to pause and take a step back for this event. The event is going to be dead now. People are not going to spend hours running after mobs for a single omega. This event needs to be compared to Nightmare Circus and the shugo instance. Way less time consuming for better rewards. Just take a step back and compare. You can still salvage the event NCSoft. Lower the cost of rewards and add a daily limit to items. Make it so people can grind the event if they want, but they can't wreck it for normal everyday players. Something like 1/2 Omega a day at 150 coins. 1/2 Sou
  4. Could have gotten more soul stones from afk evergale then running after fattys all day
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