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  1. @Kibbelz be the voice of reason and let management know they're making a huge mistake(and missing a big opportunity) by not offering a Christmas ultimate transformation event akin to August's.
  2. Tutorials in Aion are inadequate for sure. You might have to get help understanding all the new systems. And on the topic of game systems, you should look into the Renown system and Experience Marks. Character experience is the game's main currency now and you can use them to buy your shiny new PvE gears when you reach Level 3 Renown in Inggison. Regarding your gear, if it doesn't say Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate in its name then it is old gear and should be replaced asap. Getting Risiel gear from the quest given by the NPC Risiel is a good start.
  3. Is "[Event] Event Coin" available with this event? Are the candy blasts only once per account?
  4. Naw, Araka gear drops from Surama.
  5. There's one problem with your rant: that's not how you get Ultimate Aureate gears...
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