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  1. @Cyan, last week you saied that we were getting for sure a new event tomorrow. And now you dont even give a single detail about it, if we are getting it or not. If not why, or at least when are we getting it.
  2. You can only get an ancient skill chest from CoE.
  3. I dont think they lowered the rates because 6.5% with Legendary stones is really hard and pure RNG. However what i did was from 10 to 12 use Ancient Stones with a 7.8% sucess rate since those are easier to get, and from that +12, i would go to +15 with legendary stones with a 11% sucess rate. Got some pieces to +15 already using that method. If it helps anyone (Asmos Prefered :D)
  4. A way to fix part of this mess would be returning the npc with event mode on items, making them impossible to sell or trade. That way it would give a chance for people that didnt get any time farming the coins to at least catch up a bit for them and to the people that didnt got the chance to trade the coins for items to do it. Overpricing the NPC will just make it unfair to people that didnt got the timing on trading before the fix. Several changes could be made on fat timers, league/ally distribution, lowering drops amount of coins, among other decisions, but those will make it always unfair
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