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  1. I won't be supporting them. 6.+ is crap. There are enough threads to tell that story. I could make a long list, but my fingers would hurt before I finished. Add the GP issue, lack of communication from NC, lack of transparency... If it doesn't start getting resolved, I'm not staying.
  2. Fix this. People using scripts to snipe items because we have no other way to trade the items that we worked to make makes it worthwhile to find better things to do than to drop a dime on this game.
  3. I didn't play much yesterday, but I didn't have any lag.
  4. Thanks for the heads up! This has been getting old. Hopefully it's done.
  5. You cannot prevent a DDoS. It has become a service for hire, and anyone with enough money can pay to have it done by the hour, day, week etc.. All you can do is mitigate how it affects your services, which usually requires cooperation with your service provider and / or a third party company that is capable of filtering most of the unwanted traffic. At the same time you have to be careful to avoid filtering legitimate traffic. Blocking / redirecting packets by geolocation is easy, but filtering traffic of the areas that you serve is much more challenging. It's frustrating, but if you want
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