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  1. Question from a noob

    No CP until lvl 65? wow, what's the level cap on this game if 1-65 is the intro?
  2. Question from a noob

    19 views, 0 answers! Woot! Come on guys and gals, someone has to know this, there are high lvl people in the game right?
  3. Question from a noob

    So i'm new, and i have only 1 question so far. Most games give some sort of "free stat" every level that you can put twords whatever one of your stats you want to increase. Does this game not have that? If this game does have that, then how do i use that feature? I've looked under the player window that displays the stats and can't find any option to do this. If this game does not have that, then what makes anyone of the same class any different form each other? Wouldn't every Templar with the same gear be the same? Ya know, not counting the experience of the player ofcorse.