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  1. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    indeed dera frand(had to..) but why the test account was nearly dead, most of the worthwhile event items got switched to account bound short any XXXXgod weapon or frigida gear boxes and the latter isn't that grand compared to Ultimate Pandora mark gear(higher +x pve stats on frigid vs raw higher base stats pandora and I compared during snowballs got few armor and 1 weapon box and had a chanter alt in full panda) we're getting off topic though.
  2. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    rofl.. aye, think the question was regarding a) bot/gold spammers using this function and b) going over the 12 Why I used the 'fresh' prestige thing, thankfully the deleted was like level 1/created for the name reserve...
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    Might be why the extensive downtime, log searches to see who was an active account prior to the disable but never banned/suspended for the abuse, even 6.0 was down less time...
  4. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    It was functional prior to shutdown, I had a free 'prestige pack' left over from the fall of EK server on event account(now dead with the changes tor tradeables). you still have a max 12 slots, had to delete a char to get the 'instant 80' and frankly... all you get is a level 80 character sittign at temple of wisdom, no gear, no stigmas no kinah and only quests open are the campaignss to go to Demaha and the 'guide' quests for Windiel/Risel gear. Don't even get the 3 little items in special cube that give you the free minions and contracts, only appear as a level 1 creation and frankly, only botters/truly lazy/hc p2w might bother with these because you start with so little and frankly total playtime non event time to level might be 14-15 hours total or so IE the 'casual' would likely do it 2 hours/night M-F and screw about most of saturday putzing aroundto get 80 and be better off.
  5. Manastone Fastener

    abuse bastion of souls, might need the gear anyways, but any dupilcate pieces can be broken down for fastners.
  6. Any help would be appreciated !

    hit K (the default key) to see your skill list, quit lookign at the hotbars for a few moments, there should be a option to sort by if a skill is slotted, DRAG those to where you had them origionally and it 'should' set you to where the skill level is, what you are seeign is the old 4.x/5.x max skill settings instead of the 6/7.x settings which are higher. Most are actually learned before 65, just at lesser damg/heal values. took me a few minutes to see it the day I logged a 70+ in after 6.0 launched.