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  1. Star Citizen will be my next thang! but Aion is the only thing that is entertaining. Ashes of Creation looks slow. BDO was poop... BnS was alright but poop. Everything is POOP. We need SAO to come to relife already real life*
  2. Yeaaah minions are kinda dumb... like let that be in PVE only... needs major changes for pvp
  3. OOO Ima get my Usher - U Remind Me on
  4. interesting. I wonder if NcWest will limit somethings if they have the power to do so. ORRR @Cyan | @Hime pvp tournaments eh eh eh?
  5. NYX will always have a special place in my heart and so will @Hime but they never respond to me anymore QQ
  6. AHAHHA you think I stirred it up? K. I am simply saying what they can't... if any of y'all have ever worked with customers/clients you would understand. Most of you probably have some pent up anger and are taking it out on another HUMAN... they aren't just a forum name there is a person behind that screen that has to deal with all your bullshit. Like grow the nyerk up and be an adult. @Cyan probably does not have the pull to make these changes... you guys want to make a nyerking impact to their wallets? Organize a week where the majority of you don't buy shit from the BCM, flood
  7. @Cyan I hope you get a bonus man/woman... like the amount of QQ from the player base is real. BTW PLAYER BASE YOU GUYS ARE THE PROBLEM... Complaining about an event? Like TF.... Also you do know complaining and bitching/moaning to a PERSON not a nyerking avatar is pretty nyerked up. It's like throwing your drink back at the drive thru person because someone else messed up your lemonade and gave you pink lemonade. Grow the nyerk up. Sorry incoming forum ban... but holy shit... like yall are a bunch of crybabies.
  8. Does this happen anymore? Like Karaoke night used to be a nyerking blast! Does anyone still host it or have any interest in????? I swear I love to sing but can't sing but still love it yknow!
  9. AHAHHAHAHA I mean... did we finish it Do you play still <3 ? It was just another element man like it was exciting to play/watch !
  10. DUDE so did I ... NYX Is amazeballs... were you at the 3.0 interview???? I forgot char names
  11. LOL WUT? When and how... please do tell... one thing I hate is a liar... and you seem P2W ... FOH
  12. But BUt BUT I am not a random or unknow(n) . I came back cause I knew I was coming back to 6.0 this whole time since I left... it's like I have espn or something. Players will always QQ and others will defend it with a shield and sword... be like mike and if it sucks go play baseball, you'll always come back <3 ^^. BUT I asked and I got some great pointers... don't be so meeeeh #4 on the leader board... how do I get up there @Azzmaria-KT that is my question and sorry that you might have read all the above fluff <3 you though
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