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  1. Final Power Up? (second try)

    Just cuz you guys choose to reply doesn't mean the question was asked to you. In fact, if u look above, you'd see an @Cyan that has been there this entire time. So the question was asked to the one person who can answer it. Now he can choose to reply/ignore/lock/delete. That is his prerogative. So what i'm saying is, when u have nothing to offer, don't offer it. Because it's still nothing.
  2. Final Power Up? (second try)

    A "fair assumption" is not an accurate answer. Its simply an assumption. A guess. So yes, I dismissed it like every other guess because when a question is asked a person doesn't want people who the question was not asked to weighing in with replies that have no basis in anything other than "fair assumptions." The reason i started another thread is because as I stated the other one got hijacked, like this one is, by people either guessing or trying to steer conversation into what they think I and everyone else should do. The question was, and is still, is this the last power up event before 6.2. This is a public forum, so I have no way to stop anyone from replying. However you help no one, ever, by guessing an answer. Ungrateful? No. You offer nothing to be ungrateful for.
  3. Final Power Up? (second try)

    Thats fine. People need to stop thinking their guesses are answers to legit questions.
  4. Final Power Up?

    Is the this final power up event before the myth that might or not be Aion 6.0? @Cyan
  5. Final Power Up?

    OMG... this thread asked a single question. IS THIS IS THE LAST POWER UP EVENT BEFORE 6.0? It has nothing to do with anything else. Stop hijacking threads and turning them into something else.
  6. Final Power Up?

    I only mentioned the spreadsheet in so far as to show that 6.0 is closer than farther away. And what you think a person should do is irrelevant.
  7. Final Power Up?

    The reason I made this thread was because if it is the last one announcing so would be rather important. After releasing the gear exchange spreadsheet it appears that 6.0 is going to be here sooner rather than later. Many people are content with their gear and stigmas. Some of us could use the heads up so we can kick it into high gear and get done as much as we can this week if its our last opportunity. Don't need a date for release, just general knowledge so we can do what we have to do beforehand.
  8. Prestige Pack Update

    Did I miss the announcement about a prestige pack update that was mentioned to be in the middle of the month in the April preview?
  9. BCM isnt recognizing new toons?

    This will be at best announced as a change they forgot to announce and at worst will just be thrown to the side and forgotten. Same thing happened with the free dyes back in the day. This is a permanent change now.
  10. Will you keep supporting this game after NEW TIA?

    Canceled subscription right before i voted No
  11. Tiamaranta's Eye

    @Cyan We understand mistakes happen however that doesn't mean rewards for work should be ripped out from people's grasp because of it. NPC's can be spawned by GM's anywhere. Spawn the reward NPC in panda for a day or more until the event is fixed in the manner you see fit and allow people to get the rewards that we were told we would get. NCWest can eat a days worth of a mistake and keep the player base happy.