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  1. So after finally finding a spot where mobs actually do drop items required to play the game I popped a 50% drop buff charm and went to farming with my prestige drop rate buff also. I averaged 175 ancient crafting drops, 50 legendary crafting drops, and 40 ultimate crafting drops per hour. I spent 1 hour in lakrum and 1 hour on new map farming only mobs that drop mats. 


    It takes 5,805 spirit fragments to upgrade all pvp pieces from tier 2 ancient to tier 2 ultimate.

    At an everage rate of 6 spirit fragments per disenchant of an ancient crafted weapon it would take 967.5 total crafted items to get that amount of spirit fragments. 

    967.5 ancient crafted weapons with 72 ancient magic crystals needed per craft equals 69,660 total ancient magic crystals needed.

    (yes I know you will eventually craft legendary and ultimate items to d/e also but at 50 legendary magic crystals per hour it would take 3 hours of straight farming with 50% drop buff + prestige drop buff just to craft a single legendary)

    69,660 ancient magic crystals at an average rate of 175 ancient magic crystals per hour of straight farming equals 398 hours of doing nothing but farming. 

    Dedicating 2 hours a day, every day, while having prestige, while buying a 50% drop per day equals 199 days (and 398 drop buffs bought) to upgrade all your gear with ancient magic crystals. 

    I understand you cannot edit and add drops to mobs that aren't programmed to drop items. However you can absolutely edit the mobs that do drop to drop more at once. 1 drop per mob, if that mob does drop, is game breaking. Editing mobs to drop 2-3 mats at a time of whatever grade that drops would improve game play and create a much better environment for new and old players alike. Editing the amount of drops of mobs is something NCWest can do in house as demonstrated by the previous end of the world event. 

    I am an Aion addict like many others and I can say without a doubt there is no reason for me to play this game if I cannot upgrade my gear in a reasonable manner. 

    (pretty sure of my math on this however if it is off then you still get the picture)

  2. The fact that we have to spend hours doing dailies, weeklies, sieges, open world pvp and then have to spend hours finding the few mobs that drop items that are required in game blows my mind. These nyerking people from ncsoft can't even find the time to post on the forums more than once per week yet I'm supposed to spend 12 hours a day just to have a 30% chance to craft a single piece of gear. 


    Every altar has quests, every altars quest mobs are near the altars, there 11 altars on the map. Lakrum same thing, every daily/weekly no drops.

  4. I am at 222/300 monster kills in new zone and i have gotten FIVE of the new craft mats. This makes the game entirely unplayable. We need mats to craft so we can disenchant the crafted items for fragments to upgrade our gear. People are going to say "quest mobs dont drop mats now." Almost all mobs are quest mobs. I've been playing for hours and I have 5 crafting mats. Fix this now, spend 36 hours with an emergency maintenance. Otherwise there is no reason to play this game if we can't upgrade our pvp gear @Cyan. Best part is i have prestige drop rate boost too. 

  5. " We know what the other regions have done but we don't know if there have been any changes to NA Aion in regards to this. Letting us know how this will work will be a great benefit to a lot of us as to what we do this last week before patch. @Cyan" 


  6. Is there any chance we can get an update or a chart showing us how PVP gear will purified to tier 2 in the new patch? We know what the other regions have done but we don't know if there have been any changes to NA Aion in regards to this. Letting us know how this will work will be a great benefit to a lot of us as to what we do this last week before patch. @Cyan

    Thank You

  7. PrinceKuli, we've been wasting time for years giving these scrubs ideas and feedback. In fact we've gone over every aspect of why this game year after year loses players and the solutions on how to fix that so many times that its just stupid to do so again. The players here have timelessly tried over and over to get the ncwest staff to give just a single nyerk for Aion. They don't. Why repeat ourselves for the hundred and fourth time when a rubbish company doesn't give a shit?

  8. These buffs werent meant to be an end all be all. Obviously they need to compensate for lost siege rewards and other items. And just as the buffs I proposed for the mean time don't interest you, your toughts on the subject don't interest me. When I want to know what interests you, well, I won't

  9. Turn on a generous server wide XP and Drop rate buffs until the GP/AP issue is fixed. We know u can turn these buffs on at your discretion as its been done before when issues arise. Then, once a GP/AP fix has been patched, turn on a large AP buff for the amount of weeks the issue was present. You may be able to calculate the amount of GP loss per the average player but you will never be able to calculate the amount of AP lost with the amount of luna resets and AP stars people are willing to use. The XP/Drop rate buff will help appease whats left of the playerbase and allow them to farm mats for upgrades and progression when the underlying issues are eventually fixed. 


  10. The likelihood of contracts being added to Gold Bar Shop is next nil. A simple and easily added solution imo is to make gold bars sellable at the current price to purchase them (1.3 million kinah). If you place a set limit say 25-50 per week you will alleviate two major problems in game at the moment which is kinah acquisition and gold bars being useless. A set limit per week will alleviate some of the bloat that will will eventually happen in game to the broker since some people will get more gold bars than they could ever use with this GP wipe. As for people who will undoubtedly complain that this will ruin the economy, we don't have an economy. You are either broke since u cant get kinah or you are rich from the original exchange for 6.2. Changing an in game game item to sellable and setting a price is quick and easy. 



  11. Just cuz you guys choose to reply doesn't mean the question was asked to you. In fact, if u look above, you'd see an @Cyan that has been there this entire time. So the question was asked to the one person who can answer it. Now he can choose to reply/ignore/lock/delete. That is his prerogative. So what i'm saying is, when u have nothing to offer, don't offer it. Because it's still nothing.