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  1. Nah people need to plan for it, you know take time off work that sort of thing. Having it right after maintenance would be unfair for them.
  2. Broken Hearts Reward List

    Why are you selling supplements to NPCs as oppose to offering enchant services to other players for them. Past events gave lots of temperings and omega, especially Homeward bound 2 temeprings per character.
  3. Broken Hearts Reward List

    We had Frozen magic, Homeward bound, Wild Joker and Power up event. 4 good events in a row and you have to audacity to say Ncsoft is sinking the server lol. This will be a good event calm down.
  4. Broken Hearts Reward List

    Well 4B back then would be worth a lot more now.
  5. Broken Hearts Reward List

    I remember making 4bill in 4.8/4.9 when this event was up just by selling 'E's and 'V's
  6. Broken Hearts Reward List

  7. Broken Hearts Reward List

    Its a lot if you have many accounts and on something tradeable.
  8. I hope the cute minion contracts are tradeable, will really bring the price down.
  9. Spot on. A good working relationship between NCsoft and paying players, and paying players and non paying players.
  10. Disable Rewards for Loses

    Evergale is casual not competitive. If you want competitive go do Iron Wall Warfront or Kamar Battlefield where stats matter. You are a joke to think otherwise.
  11. 6.0 info

    Oh NCsoft can actually get good and create better software to beat the bots. Game should be designed around players and not bots. I'd rather have bots which has absolutely minimal impact in the game right now than go to the stupid system Korean has. Better off buying ncoin items and reselling for better kinah value anyway vs bots, and you would be legit as well.
  12. 6.0 info

    Fine don't believe, I couldn't give two damns about people who can't pull the wool over their eyes. There is nothing good about 6.0. Messed up lore, messed up maps, messed up economy, messed up pay to win and messed up progression. People thought 4.8 would be good, but no it screwed the game and people over. 6.0 is gonna be like that but much more worse. The update we have right now is a very good patch.
  13. Aion February Preview

    Later in the month, so another weeks time.
  14. Question from a noob

  15. 6.0 info

    Why would something like this get stickied if there is a very high chance it would not make it live to our servers, and especially if it's atleast 9 months away. 6.0 completely decimated the Korean population, you really think NA NCsoft wants to associate themselves with that. Right now the developers have to try and fix 6.0 in Korea so that it is playable, enjoyable and most importantly marketable. It's none of those, and that must be done first by a series of patches before it's even considered for overseas release. Why you think we never got those other godstones in NA?