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  1. On 7/24/2019 at 6:31 AM, Cyan said:

    There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, July 24, 2019 from 6:00 a.m. CDT / 11:00 CET. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes.


    • Routine website and server maintenance
    • The Summer Block Party will continue for two more weeks.
    • The amount of Luna available from Luna Crafting will be lowered from 40 to 20.
    • The free daily material chest from the Luna Shop will be removed. Material chests can still be purchased for 16 Luna each.
    • An issue where Bobonerk's Coin could be used too quickly, resulting in the coin being consumed but no reward being given will be fixed.
    • An effect display issue with the skill Lightning Arrow will be fixed.
    • Minor text and localization issues will be fixed.

    Be sure to follow @AionOps for server updates.

    Maintenance Images of the Week

     hirb5iwb5rb31.jpg qvyml8fw7vb31.jpg 3irlest5kya31.jpg

    Congrats NCWest, you just played yourself. Well at least this'll be a great reason to finally quit the game, see ya.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Shayded-KT said:

    Never forget the number one ely killer in all of Morheim....King Consierd. Seen him wipe full groups of rifters.

    I never will, it was my first experience of getting one shot then seeing a gigantic bird right behind me after my death. It was how i learned about aggro ranges xD

  3. 52 minutes ago, Healzebub-KT said:

    ...the way it was before. You know, with Altgard and all those incredibly beautiful places.


    Who's with me?

    I second this, i want to explore those beautiful maps all over again, they were the whole reason i fell in love with aion. I even remember the times when it was still so grindy and i can't do my campaign quests in morheim because ely's were all over the place but that was so much fun. I love the open world PvP in morheim even though i suck at it. I love getting ganked in patamor thicket and desert garrison. I loved everything about it especially the hidden world bosses. It always breaks my heart whenever they delete a map. I wish there was some way they could revert those changes.

  4. 2 hours ago, 2s1638B2-DN said:

    Well, granted I've only been back for a weekend, but it's hard to come back after being gone for so long. And not being in a Legion and a fresh 80, it is hard to find guidance on what to do next. So far I haven't had any luck asking questions with anyone (other than trollish answers or people dropping group once I say I'm pretty fresh to the content).

    A helpful community can help sustain a game, but again, I don't really have much to go on based on just being back for the weekend. Hopefully I can find some help within the week, else, I don't think I'll come back if I leave again. :(

    Awww, you're in Danaria, i could've made a static with you if you were in katalam.

  5. Yo, so about your question, it really depends on the user tbh. Personally i use it to chain together my nuke skills so i can execute them faster with just one button. There are loads of different ways you can utilize it but it's all up to you.

  6. Hi there, first of all welcome back. Now, regarding your inquiry, there have been a lot of changes in aion, especially with skills and gear. To summarize all the changes that i know of, they streamlined the game so that new players wont need to invest a monumental amount of time to experience what the game has to offer. Now on to the changes with the skills, basically they made it so that the skills enhances each classes capabilities but only to their own specialty, i'll use a templar as an example since its my main, they made our taunts more effective and gave us a toggle that will make it very easy for us to keep aggro well as long we have gear parity with our group mates anyway. However, they removed some of our sustain like Hand of Healing, Refresh Spirit and nerfed our damage output by decreasing the blood pact repeat to 2 instead of 3, not to mention that the toggle skill decreases our dmg, not really a welcome change for the lowest DPS class especially in PvP. As for the chanter, they pushed it to the more supportive role actually, your buffs are way more valuable than your heals, and regarding your healing chanter build, its still possible, albeit only in low tier dungeons like garden of knowledge, maybe frozen monolith if all of your members are geared enough. Also regarding recovery spell, it's still there, i believe there's even a daevanion skill for it.

    So, to sum it up, a chanter CAN be the primary healer in easy instances, but when it comes to the top instances like Primeth Forge and Veilenthrone, its impossible since there are multiple AoE skills and healing each player one by one will only lead to wipes, I hope this helped. Have fun :)

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