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  1. Since Aion Classic was never meant to last a long time, and since the numbers of active players has greatly diminished, there is only one way to solve this problem: Take away the need for AP. Reduce the AP required for AP items and for Officer status.
  2. That is the new term for AP traders.....Just kidding...However, wouldn't it be nice if they were tagged. Lol
  3. I know a lot of people hate this idea, but can we get another XP event...Please....
  4. You beat me to it. The first non-xp event is a attendance event? Yeah, this is really going to get people to come back. This Classic release has been so badly managed. It really is a shame. If you look up the definition of insanity you will find NCWest. Waiting for the end of September to jump to New World......
  5. Replying to this thread to keep it at the top so we can get an answer. This started after last maintenance. I started another thread before this one, but we don't need multiple threads on the same topic. I actually timed the login portion and it takes 35 minutes at the start of reset. Approximately 30 min at server selection screen, then another five minutes at character selection screen. A couple other issues to mention while in game: no drops, but they do appear after the 35 minutes, can't use mailbox, broker issues to name a few. Please let us know.........
  6. I'm just updating this for future reference...It took 31 minutes to get to the character screen, then another 4 minutes. So it seems it takes about 35 minutes after reset to be able to log in.
  7. You don't have to play or spend money. Time to move on........
  8. Thanks for the response. It seems they have a issue to correct next maintenance..
  9. Stuck at Select Server screen for 10min...Anyone else having this issue today? Seems like a repeat of yesterday.
  10. Couldn't agree more with this. The current pricing model is a bigger problem than the "Kinah Candies". I suspect there might be an adjustment after they see how much the population declines after Wed and at the end of the first 30 days.
  11. Thanks for the "guest" clarification. Maybe I'm wrong but by selling candies can actually benefit the game, especially at the early stages. For example, I can use the kinah to level a craft, and start selling stuff in game. For me right now its all about pots and scrolls. So to be able to make those and sell them only supports the economy. As someone noted earlier the only true value in Classic is AP. To me that is what Classic is all about. I think we can all agree NCWest made a good decision not to load the shop with crowns, which would have been a disaster. Although I'm not an elite PvP'er
  12. Such a classless topic. Most people posting against the cadies are doing so a s "guests", Why is that? Are they actually playing the game? The game has all the feel of what Aion was, and what we remember it to be. There will always be people taking advantage of certain situations, but hell that is life in general. I would love to see the a pic of the guy selling all those candies as mentioned earlier, or guess what? IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. NCSOFT has a board of directors and shareholders to report to, thus the game needs to make money in order to survive. The candies are not a deal break
  13. As Classis has gone live, let's remember those Deava's that have ascended. I was in VVV way back when with Medic. I can hear him still yelling "just follow the damn smiley face".
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