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  1. Can't play during Siege? Any help?

    Siege Problems are a combination of two things: CPU and Network. With as many players are there are in siege, your CPU is likely having a nyerk of a time trying to place where everything is. Similarly, your network and AION's server have to locate everyone. I find when I get into the fort itself (lakrum) is when I lag massively. Thus, this leads me to believe it's a joint problem of CPU plus Aion's Server. Edit: I have an i7-6700K not OC, btw.
  2. Losing Borunerk’s Coins

    Ah so that's what happens. I was wondering what would. Just for reference, 20m XP is 5.6% of your experience bar at level 80. Means you can do 17 at maxed exp. Also to note: Coins stack at 100 and are UNSTORABLE whilst being in your main inventory. which is kinda stupid imo.
  3. Damage of Turrets in Luna Daily

    In practice... AA gun can take up to 30secs to find and shoot targets. Single fire and Single shot generally find and shoot in less than 5. Thanks for the info though.
  4. Campaign lvl 79 Block The Balaur

    Elyos is green circle. Asmos is blue circle.
  5. List of Issues for 6.2

    @MetalPhantomEvil-DN@khaly-KT@JustDance-KT Also, from my experience working retail, the more you verbally attack someone, the less likely they will be willing to actually take the time to fully address the problem. They might still try to fix it since it's their job, but they'll put in the minimum effort. I'm not saying to not voice your opinions. I'm just saying be nice about it and it might get done faster. Lastly, chances are a lot of the decisions made are made in KR since IIRC NA is a subsidiary of KR. And honestly, with how well it does in KR, NA is likely an afterthought. I wouldn't be surprised if the reason not a lot got done was that KR is/was busy launching 7.0 in KR. NA comes after. So nothing happening in NA may not be because NA is lazy, it may be that KR is focusing on other things and has put them off.
  6. List of Issues for 6.2

    Divine would get pushed back to Saturday at 6pm Server. That would still net you one. But, as soon as Daylight Savings starts, you're looking at 2am to 3am for current weekend sieges. Pushing Saturday at 6pm server to Friday at 9pm server would put it at 5am to 6am EU Daylight Time when it starts. Server Time hasn't adjusted for Daylight Savings recently (if at all).
  7. Video - The Proof that Enchant is only fails

    Why are you enchanting Lakrum Scout Gear?
  8. List of Issues for 6.2

    New Zealand and Australia. They do not have a dedicated server. NZ is +19 Hours from current Server time. To give that some prospective, At weekday siege time that is 4pm the next day their time. Sydney, Australia is 2 hours behind them. If you assume most people work 8-4, 8-5, or 9-5, this means they can only make Saturday Lakrum Siege. That's right ONE siege a week. I think the problem lies in the availability of items being locked with Siege. Just for Ultimate Ridium, that is 1459 (assuming two weapons) or 1417 subbing a shield. Comes out to 48 wks rounded up. So a year. A year of making every (for them) Sunday Siege. US gets it 3x faster. But wait, there's more! Where is the best place to get higher end PvP Stones? Siege! This is probably the bigger roadblock than Ridium. Rather than continuously argue this, I will offer a solution. Move all sieges back a day, with Lakrum being all at 9pm Server. Added bonus? Times are consistent per siege location. The number EU would get depends on the person (if they would rather stay up till/get up at 4am/5am on Saturday morning or till 1am/2am Sunday night). Oceania gets one more (2). Perfect? No. Better for those that may not have a dedicated Server? Arguably yes. Making 1/2 of them probably won't get them Officer, but that's another issue mentioned.
  9. Some help with 6.0 please

    I got the ninja/running animation from the Returner Box given out by Reina in Sanctum. There should be one in Pandaemonium as well. I think they are near the old Abbey Locations.
  10. List of Issues for 6.2

    Thank you for proving me right, congrats. I'm literally just asking them "Hey, can you look into it and see if there is a better time?". I know people who play from Oceania (like New Zealand) and they do not have a dedicated server. Do I agree the time should be focused on US? Yes. Do I think they should try to find something that works for other places? Also yes. I think you also missed a few things:
  11. List of Issues for 6.2

    Since I can't edit anymore: 31. Crucible Spire Cannot leave Crucible Spire except by timeout or by dying. If I know I can't take the next boss, I want to be able to leave.
  12. Installing Aion

    Make sure Windows knows that Aion is uninstalled through control panel.
  13. List of Issues for 6.2

    I'm going to list all the problems I have encountered that I have noticed so far and comments. They aren't really in any particular order, just as I remember. These will include some previously mentioned hot topics. Please keep the comments G rated. Compensation Gear. I think this is a problem, unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to allow players to catch up. I believe that is the intent of 6.5. Soo, the only thing I have here is can we have 6.5 sooner please? Enchant Rates Rather disheartening and annoying. Again, 6.5 patch thing. Skins I know the focus is on transforms. But I really hate many of the starter set skins (haven't gotten the later ones). I would love to have skins back available. Possible places to get add them include: Luna Craft, Lifekeepers (E)/ Veilbreakers(A), BCM (obv.), crafting, and the GST. Golden Sand Traders Skins Please expand this. Most of the skins there are awful. I believe you have stated you are working on it. I'll be waiting. Golden Sand Traders Shards and Transparent Transform Scrolls A step in the right direction, but as mentioned extensively, these prices are stupid. I am not even interested in either of those, and I still think those prices are dumb. I think this is a relatively easy fix too. I think when you update the Gold bar shop on 12/5 would be a great time to implement these changes (you are updating the shop, right?). GST Shard bundle Asmo character does not have them on the list to buy. Elyos character does (same account, different server). Siege Lag Dunno how much you can do about this. but getting 300 to even 8k+ ping in the US is ridiculous. If you can do something about it, it would be much appreciated so I can fully participate. Glory Points As of right now, glory points are really stunted. I know you guys have done some to fix this, But as stated before, the only progression is through people not meeting the requirement. and it almost seems like that requirement is being at most if not all sieges. I agree that GP should be PVP only, but I think the current gains are not enough. My personal opinion would be to completely reset GP and maybe increase the gain so competition is better. (JFYI not even an officer). Siege Timings I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for "US game. US target", but really, it's more than that. Siege is the only source of conquerors gemstones that I know of and a major source of PvP Enchant stones. It's kinda kneecapping the non-US population in a way, and I bet there is a fair amount of people in that group. It would be worthwhile at looking into modifying siege times and/or occurrences as I think it would benefit a significant portion of the playerbase. Do I think it's easy? No. You have to juggle like 10 timezones at massively different times. I do think it would be worth a try, however. PvP Enchantment Stones The rate of acquisition of Legendary/Ultimate stones is appalling. I don't think I've seen an Ultimate PVP stone yet honestly. I know there is an upgrade exchange coming in 7.0. But that's a long way off. any chance we could get that sooner? Make ancient PvP stones more relevant. Additionally, you could increase the acquisition rate in PvP activities. Dredge Rewards. As much as I like bum-rushing for the stones, I would prefer it to be different so the actual focus is on the instance, not rushing to X for Y reward. My thought is to move the rewards back into completion rewards. Naturally award more for winning. Heck, even make an extra bundle for defeating the captain. My thought is 1 dredge bundle for losing containing 1 random enchant stone bag(contains multiple stones) and maybe a conquerors gemstone, 2 dredge bundles for winning (same contents), and lastly a guaranteed legendary stone bag for killing the dredge captain. The last bag would not be a lootable drop, but again an end of match reward. This is in place of current lootable drop rewards. AP acquisition would stay the same. Crafting Levels 60/160/260 Why is there not a craft for these levels? It makes x40-x80 excruciating nearing x80 (like 12+ crafts per level.) Is this better than 5.8? Yes. Were materials more available in 5.8? Arguably yes. Crafting material availability With bots around, it is harder to get materials now. Plus needing 5 per codex is kinda annoying. Especially when it then takes multiple codex per craft and multiple crafts to proc. Add in the extra price of the scrolls required to craft and it gets expensive fast for not a lot of payoff. Could I request a lowering of materials needed for codex? I understand it's not supposed to be easy, but if you are levelling Aetherforging from 0 it's can take quite a long time. Crafting Stone Disenchanting/Upgrading 2 higher stones for 1 lower stone? really? this should be the other way around or the typical 1:3 ratio we used to have. Crafting Purpose. It seems it's really only for the ultimate placeholder pvp gear and maybe legendary pve gear (until you get instance gear). Can we get more useful crafts that will mean something? Screen Splashes Cubic Lab could be smaller, but is otherwise fine. All the chat and screen splash spam from people getting stuff from instances, plussing and upgrading is annoying though. Especially since it's the ENTIRE server. I don't care what xXProfightsXx or whoever got from IDD today. I'd rather it not pop in front of me, especially since PvP is common in Lakrum. Please? This is similar to the Abyss crap last patch, just less frequent and less prominent. (if your name is xXProfightsXx, I'm not singling you out, I just picked a name) PvP instance timings and entries. More please? I know there are big windows, but with the amount of AP you need to upgrade and to get Fighter Fragments, it would be nice to be able to do PvP instances more. Lifekeeper/Veilbreaker coin requirements. can we get these lowered please? Grabbing the legend wings/bracelet/plume would be nice if it wouldn't take literally months to do. (assuming an average of 10 coins a day, that's 70 days or 10 weeks PER item on average). Ultimate Kibrium availability I don't know how often the World Legendary Boss spawns, but I've only seen it once and I don't remember when. It does award a fair amount of Kibrium for defeating it, but considering both factions are fighting for it, it would be nice to have a second way to obtain it (luna dice doesn't count). Oh, and don't put it in high end instances, that would defeat the purpose. Luna Weekly might be a good spot to put it. Something to consider. Minium For those that have Grade A or B minions, I feel like lower grade minium is basically useless. Considering you can get B grades from instances, upgrading C grades is...kinda useless in my opinion. I would like to see if we could get an upgrade exchange. As for rates... not entirely sure. maybe 10:1? Guestblooms Make guestblooms available again. I wouldn't think it would be too hard to reimplement the vendors (since some still exist) and update the rewards from the Guestblooms. Housing Item Availability As has been mentioned, previously available housing items have disappeared with the patch. It would be nice to be able to get them again. Kinah is fine. Petals is only fine if you fix getting guestblooms. Teleporting to Lakrum Why is the house port only one way? I would also like to have the Academy port be both ways again too. Eye bug. Would be nice to have this fixed. I understand you are working on it. Just don't make it an NCSoon™ please. Invisible Walls/Terrain Glitches There are glitches in the terrain that cause seemingly nothing to act as if it is an invisible wall until you jump over it. The most annoying is the Lakrum teleport pad elyos side. I have encountered this in the Temple of Records once or twice as well. Super Saiyan Idle Animation. (IDK what it's actually called) Firstly, the base animated stance looks like the character is trying to poop. Hilarious in a way. Secondly, holy nyerk is it annoying. Especially when there are multiple people on the screen that have it. At a minimum can you make it NOT shake my ENTIRE screen? Thanks! I'd appreciate not having the glow/whatever have such a large footprint as well. Lakrum Mob Availability I believe the spawn rate was increased already, but it's still pretty bad in some parts. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I would be agreeable to a small increase in density of mobs or an additional increase in spawn rate. Luna Rewards are still wrong. Luna Blessing was removed a while ago.. Mount Availability Being able to get permanents without going through the Luna Dice roll/BCM would be nice. Things not saving to skill bars Namely pets and minions, but I have been having issues with things not saving when I move them or put them into my skills bars. Will add as I find more. Do I expect these all to be fixed? Nope. But I can at least bring them up. Also @Cyan, have you considered starting an FAQ of sorts?
  14. Gear Disparity current patch

    Just because someone is telling you to evaluate your opinion on something because they believe you are not completely informed is not a good reason to start throwing insults. Stat differences between Sheba and Ereshkigal Drakan. Tehji is also close too stat lineup. Attack Speed +5% (nearly equivalent to taking off PvE Ancient gloves) Casting Speed + 4% Movement Speed + 15% (equivalent to taking off PvE Legendary Boots) Heal Boost +6 Physical Attack +10 Magical Attack + 10 Magical Resistance +114 Physical Crit + 119 (Tehji + 27) Magical Crit + 119 (Tehji + 27) Physical Defense - 38 Magical Defense - 38 The minor stats (after movement speed), yeah, there aren't really major differences. It's the speed stats that are important. I think you put too little value in run speed. Run speed allows you to catch someone or run away. And both of those are important PvP tactics. The Ultimate has a +10% speed boost over legendary which is less than legendary over ancient to put it in perspective. Where ultimate really boosts is Attack and Casting Speed. A legendary PvP tome gains +12% casting speed over ancient plus I'm going to hedge an average of 10-15% better stats. at +10 you also have additional PVP attack and defense. The armor pieces likely also have a 10-15% increase. Base stats matter in this game. Yeah sure the other pvp attack and defense help, but honestly, they had to make a difference between ancient +15 and legendary +0. And that has to do with base stats. I would wager that Ultimate PvE +0 would fare better than legendary pvp +10 maybe even +15. Also, one glaring problem I see with your argument. You are saying you know people who are better off. How many out of the EK population? I don't know the size of the EK server population, but I would guess even 15 people is not statistically significant. If true, your small sample size cannot accurately represent the whole. I think Aly is more likely correct on this. It is highly more probable that a new server will have lower total available wealth as there has been less time to accumulate it.