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  1. Siege Problems are a combination of two things: CPU and Network. With as many players are there are in siege, your CPU is likely having a nyerk of a time trying to place where everything is. Similarly, your network and AION's server have to locate everyone. I find when I get into the fort itself (lakrum) is when I lag massively. Thus, this leads me to believe it's a joint problem of CPU plus Aion's Server. Edit: I have an i7-6700K not OC, btw.
  2. Ah so that's what happens. I was wondering what would. Just for reference, 20m XP is 5.6% of your experience bar at level 80. Means you can do 17 at maxed exp. Also to note: Coins stack at 100 and are UNSTORABLE whilst being in your main inventory. which is kinda stupid imo.
  3. In practice... AA gun can take up to 30secs to find and shoot targets. Single fire and Single shot generally find and shoot in less than 5. Thanks for the info though.
  4. Elyos is green circle. Asmos is blue circle.
  5. @MetalPhantomEvil-DN@khaly-KT@JustDance-KT Also, from my experience working retail, the more you verbally attack someone, the less likely they will be willing to actually take the time to fully address the problem. They might still try to fix it since it's their job, but they'll put in the minimum effort. I'm not saying to not voice your opinions. I'm just saying be nice about it and it might get done faster. Lastly, chances are a lot of the decisions made are made in KR since IIRC NA is a subsidiary of KR. And honestly, with how well it does in KR, NA is likely
  6. Divine would get pushed back to Saturday at 6pm Server. That would still net you one. But, as soon as Daylight Savings starts, you're looking at 2am to 3am for current weekend sieges. Pushing Saturday at 6pm server to Friday at 9pm server would put it at 5am to 6am EU Daylight Time when it starts. Server Time hasn't adjusted for Daylight Savings recently (if at all).
  7. New Zealand and Australia. They do not have a dedicated server. NZ is +19 Hours from current Server time. To give that some prospective, At weekday siege time that is 4pm the next day their time. Sydney, Australia is 2 hours behind them. If you assume most people work 8-4, 8-5, or 9-5, this means they can only make Saturday Lakrum Siege. That's right ONE siege a week. I think the problem lies in the availability of items being locked with Siege. Just for Ultimate Ridium, that is 1459 (assuming two weapons) or 1417 subbing a shield. Comes out to 48 wks rounded up. So a year. A year
  8. I got the ninja/running animation from the Returner Box given out by Reina in Sanctum. There should be one in Pandaemonium as well. I think they are near the old Abbey Locations.
  9. Thank you for proving me right, congrats. I'm literally just asking them "Hey, can you look into it and see if there is a better time?". I know people who play from Oceania (like New Zealand) and they do not have a dedicated server. Do I agree the time should be focused on US? Yes. Do I think they should try to find something that works for other places? Also yes. I think you also missed a few things:
  10. Since I can't edit anymore: 31. Crucible Spire Cannot leave Crucible Spire except by timeout or by dying. If I know I can't take the next boss, I want to be able to leave.
  11. Make sure Windows knows that Aion is uninstalled through control panel.
  12. I'm going to list all the problems I have encountered that I have noticed so far and comments. They aren't really in any particular order, just as I remember. These will include some previously mentioned hot topics. Please keep the comments G rated. Compensation Gear. I think this is a problem, unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to allow players to catch up. I believe that is the intent of 6.5. Soo, the only thing I have here is can we have 6.5 sooner please? Enchant Rates Rather disheartening and annoying. Again, 6.5 patch thing. Skins I know the
  13. Just because someone is telling you to evaluate your opinion on something because they believe you are not completely informed is not a good reason to start throwing insults. Stat differences between Sheba and Ereshkigal Drakan. Tehji is also close too stat lineup. Attack Speed +5% (nearly equivalent to taking off PvE Ancient gloves) Casting Speed + 4% Movement Speed + 15% (equivalent to taking off PvE Legendary Boots) Heal Boost +6 Physical Attack +10 Magical Attack + 10 Magical Resistance +114 Physical Crit + 119 (Tehji + 27) Magical Crit
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