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  1. NPC selling limit before 6.2

    I know this is going to sound weird. But I only have one account. Shirayuki, I didn't even think about my Supplements until late last week. I stuck them in the account warehouse for when I wanted to plus my gear... and then I quit caring to plus my gear. So I wasn't really even able to sell at the start of the event. Also, prices haven't really dropped much since late last week, if at all. Lastly, the point is that some of us have tons left, and since prices will be crashing, we would like to get as much value as possible. e.g. removing the kinah limit. It's not about what we could have or should have done, it's about what we can do before the patch hits.
  2. NPC selling limit before 6.2

    I did the math. Here is your answer. I have 6 Huge bags and 122 Large bags. Those contain a total of 6060 Supplements. Each Supplement vendors for 153,600 Kinah. Current Broker price* on KT for Huge is 52,000,000 Kinah, and 4,479,000 Kinah for Large. This is a net difference of 9,440,000 Kinah per Huge and 129,000 kinah per large, resulting in a total deficit of a measly 72.4 Million Kinah. For DN*: Huge 65,000,000, Large 3,700,000, Net Huge -3,560,000, Net Large 908,000, Total 89.4 Million Kinah. Total for selling 6060 Supplements is 930,816,000. So approximately 7-10% Loss. That's not a great loss? *Pricing reflective of Server Time 20:10 ± 5 Minutes
  3. @Cyan Can I sell them AFTER the patch? I'm likely to hit that kinah limit, and I'd rather have new kina than old kinah.
  4. Lots of lag and a terrible ping

    Ping is actually a problem. I tested this Monday after trying to fix stuff by DNS resolution. Around 1pm CST my ping is about 38-50ms. I would consider this normal based on geographics. Later in the day around 7pm CST, or "prime time", my ping was in the range of 120-150 ms.
  5. Secrets Of The Ancients Bug or intended ?

    You realize you can't even get the divine relic this round right? There's only 13 days of the event. Event End June 6th. Count it out.
  6. Secret of the Ancients

    I understand the details aren't out yet, I just want to get this thought out while I'm still thinking about it. If this event is going for two weeks. Can we get compensation for the one day delay? I know SOME people will want to get highest reward box from the event. And you will likely need a full two weeks for that. We'll be a day short. Now, if the event is three weeks, then it's fine. If literally nobody get that highest tier box (I know I won't), then I don't have much of a problem. Thanks, Pylinaer
  7. Cannot regist Xingecode Module

    Try breaking the 64-bit version and running 32-bit.
  8. XIGNCODE3 Issue Request Thread

    I know this is old, but it showed up for the Win10 Build 1803 push out. Potential Fix (currently 50/50 on it) is to break the 64-bit version and use 32-bit. Easily done by renaming Aion.bin in the bin64 folder.
  9. LUNA: Contaminated Underpath. Crashes and balance.

    Do it all the time.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    @Cyan, A suggestion, if not too late. Why not tie rewards to peoples participation? If you don't help out, win or lose, you get no rewards. I was under the impression this either will be or is a system for something else in the game.

    Upon review, I don't think 0x3 is a valid value.... (it should be 0x10). I am not fully sure if that does anything. Also, I haven't seen that file while the game was running. Additionally, the xhunter1 service is stopped when Aion is closed.

    I looked into it. As someone previously mentioned, yes it does create the service. All the information regarding the type is accurate. Things to note: I didn't see the C:\Windows\xhunter1.sys file. I checked when Aion was NOT running. Haven't checked when it is. You can change the registry key to 0x03 or remove it's kernel rights. However! It will rewrite them when you start Aion. I don't know if it does much, but you can change the key again on it while Aion is running and it will stick, though I don't know for how long. I was able to make it into the game with the key modified to 0x03. I don't know if it will be stable however.
  13. 6.0 info

    is the daily quest for guestbloom fertilizer still a thing in Aion 6.0?
  14. 6.0 info

    @Kubei-DN Thanks for the video. Is the butler daily still available to gain guestbloom fertilizer?
  15. 6.0 info

    Someone should probably do a 6.0 FAQ tbh.
  16. 6.0 info

    Is there not Studios anymore? You should be able to put guestblooms there. Mind you just looking at the merchants might suffice.
  17. 6.0 info

    @Kubei-DN I'm interested in housing stuff. As I understand, everyone lost their house. Have any other changes gone through Oriel? Something specific I would like to know is how Guestblooms are working right now, or if they even still exist. I have the wingfeather guestbloom and there is a 0% chance it's getting completed before 6.0 hits NA, and I have various other guestblooms that will be invalidated by 6.0. (e.g. Godstone Guestbloom). Should I aim to have them all done before the patch hits, or will I be good?
  18. 6.0 info

    Many thanks. Looks like it's going to a purely Iluma based kinah system. Which sucks nyerk.
  19. 6.0 info

    Can I get a confirmation on this? Apparently a GM mentioned that new Kinah would be obtained from monster hunting? (if you could do a video of that it would be nice.)
  20. New Server Name Suggestions

    Zephyr & Tigraki (ZR & TK) Rememberable, "faction-less" (i.e. not asmo/elyos), easy to spell, easy to say. I would've gone with the name of the death flower, but honestly you guys gave it a nyerk name. Sounds more like a NPC than a flower. Ereshkigal is a massive pain to say.