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  1. i downloaded the game with thise long update and i start up the game and after the short loading to go for the IP stuff , it disconnect me from the server .. any idea ?
  2. Sw is it a good choice for a casual player who do 50/50 on pvp/pve ?
  3. HYe everyone , is it possible to get more info about what i missed from like when they removed danaria and i dont remember the other one ... i heard a bit about 6.0 and im asking myself if its a good idea for a casual player to come back ?! what should you recommend to me start from scratch to level cap that is 70..75 .. 60 ? or stay with my glad level 54 and try to get the new gear and stuff ? ( Need all info possible to restart correctly ) thx all and hope to get everything i need to know ! (sry for my shitenglish )
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