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  1. Going to give my Pikapinion... Do not know if this was mentioned already as this thread is already five pages long and I am too lazy to take a look through every post, but does anyone else remember the TIA Eye event and how the merchant was giving mad mad mad rewards that everyone was extremely excited about (omegas, temps, +12 manastones, etc.)? At least NC did not ninja the merchant (or in this case temporarily remove Luna Crafting), and provided an announcement as a heads up instead... Anyway TL:DR, a lot of parallels between this backlash and that Tia Event backlash.
  2. +9 is easy. I have yet to go past +10 on any stigmas. How am I supposed to have full +12 come 7.0????
  3. I want my extendable staff... Chanters need some love too...
  4. Thank you. I didn't think to check that part. You are correct (whew, deep breaths).
  5. So I don't know if this has been posted or answered before on a different thread, but I've been told that the compensation gear (Winged Champion) can be promoted to Tier 2 Ultimate (if it itself is +15 Ultimate of course) in 7.0 patch. However, I did some snooping around in aion powerbook and I found this in regards to the T1 to T2 promotion(s). anyone else can confirm on this? Making a genesis set isn't the end of the world, but not going to invest enchantments into (Winged Champion) if it is a dead line. Thanks
  6. Thank you NCsoft. My Ultimate Firebrand Staff is now +15. Nothing else in game matters now. Keep up the great work - Pika!
  7. I translate it. See you in Lakrum.
  8. Acceleration cheer was only at the beginning of the patch when nobody had a decent contract and or as you said, the Roaring judgement. Everything is situational and you need to adapt to the game. Good things chanters will always adapt NP
  9. So what I am taking from this conversation is that Cubics are no longer a mad dash to the shugo. Sounds like time for me to do them...
  10. Done BOS 14 times now. No shugo ever. The shugo is a lie. I refuse to believe my RNG is just bad in all aspects of the game. Pika!
  11. I would like to add the PVP buff at siege times to the list. KT/ SL - ELYOS master race, let us take the mantle already. No more carebear ticking time bomb buffs please. Thanks. I would like to remind everyone that in 4x, when the asmos held Silona and Sillus and Pradeth for basically the entire patch, there was no OP buff provided to us in any way, meanwhile the Asmos had their initiative the entire time. Or at least make the forts similar to 3x, with the 4 tia hearts, to gain access to the eye. On that note, give us back the eye please. Thanks again.
  12. They should change the snowballs to a consumable that you can throw at the other faction to slow/freeze them and a minimal amount of damage. Who even needs ancient PVE stones anyway?
  13. I haven't gotta a single legendary daeva skill yet. I must be doing something wrong Or The shugo is a lie.
  14. So basically its in the game mechanics, If the damage has already registered to you, even as you are fazing away, the damage will still hit. But any new damage, or people looking to target you will be unable to. It's similar concept to weaving in game Similar to also how in League of Legends back in the day (I say back in the day because I haven't played that game since 2014), if for instance a skill was in mid animation and the person teleported back to spawn, the attack animation would follow them all the way to spawn and still do damage. Games are not that intuiti
  15. As per title, thanks Shugo Claus. Work is boring when all the clients are on vacation eh?
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