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  1. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/540992424214790233/580912959073550346/whut2.PNG Also, 1 time quest for 50 doesn't add up here either.
  2. Extremely unlikely that they waited, what is it now, 7 months? For 50 gp. This isn't the first time I've seen something like this either. Couple people on EK were getting 100 a day somehow.
  3. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/540992424214790233/580902160917725184/whut.PNG 90 GP in a day, then someone with 75? Seems fishy to me honestly.
  4. So, while we have known for a while about the consolidation and about the GP reset yada yada, There Is a question I have that could cause some issues. While most know the daily reset/update for Abyss Ranking happens at noon server time. The "merge" is due to be done before then. Following that, will people on KT and EK be scored and rewarded based on their position post merge, where EK and KT rankings will be mixed together, or where we were before the merge? Frankly, it should be based on our positions before the merge due to 2 different sieges and 2 different environments, both in playsty
  5. Yeah, but as far as I know PUBG will always be poorly optimized due to the engine its on(?) I've not played it personally, so I can't say either way. Just 3rd hand knowledge on it. As for old Aion Devs working on it I wouldn't know, but out of all of the MMOs to be released in the next 1-3 years, it has my highest hopes.
  6. Just bide yer time and wait for A:IR to come out. Bout all any of us can hope for these days.
  7. The 4 week requirement refers to the "gain x amount of GP in 4 weeks or lose your rank."
  8. So that's what the bugged quests were for? GP quests? In that case, those of us that have them completed, which I assume is most, will we have them rewarded retroactively? So that they don't consume one of the completions for the coming week?
  9. I'm aware of such things, but my groups rarely have an SM so the only magic defense shred we tend to have is sundering, which is in effect during my ravager/steel storm during my rotation.
  10. I've noticed similar situations as well. Going from 80-90k on ravager to 30-40. Some runs my DPS is literally half of what it is in others. A few other bugs as well, like Idium barrage not hitting gate for Lakrum siege. Steady Barrage doesn't either. But works just fine for Divine. My groups are almost always the same. I run a chanter for phys, and a SW for mage groups. While as an AT I tend to go back and forth between which group i'm in, I find that the difference over the last couple weeks to be far greater than it normally is between being in the chanter group or the SW group.
  11. As for the GP effect on EK only, I have a theory. While IDD/PF were greatly buffed on KT/DN I feel that EK didn't receive the full instance buff that the other servers did. Prime example is that I run IDD every Saturday on EK, and we cleared it with around 10 minutes left both runs, with only one person breaking 17mil. Out of that group, maybe 2 people have majority ultimate, the rest with 1 or 2 parts. I feel this unique "server side" change for EK only is part of the cause of the GP issue that is only affecting EK. Come this Saturday I intend to post a topic about it, although it
  12. I think its possibly bugged. The idea of getting max contribution, which I believe is supposed to be 800(?) now, based on getting 2-7 gp from mobs that everyone is hitting is a bit insane. Its possible, but I find to be unlikely because even doing that it could be possible to not achieve the 800 needed to maintain rank on the larger servers, let alone ek due to GP being split amongst those who take part in killing the mob. (Appears that way at least). Clarification would be appreciated.
  13. My current theory is that the default reward/scaling for participation isn't currently working. No one Elyos side got over 200. Friend just got 1 kill on DN-E defense and got 150 GP. I feel its a server side issue.Results from KT may build that. EDIT: Update from KT. Default 120 GP for a loss. Appears to be an issue on our server.
  14. Expressing concerns for the state of the game and hoping for ways to keep people from leaving makes me narcissistic? Flawed logic, but you do you I suppose. For reference, most of those that did complain didn't come to the forums. Because as you can see, NcWest doesn't really respond to anything. No point in this thread continuing. Fell apart from what could have been constructive to poorly placed insults.
  15. Was hoping for something more construct such as possibly better solutions for such, but seems no one is interested in discussing such. Can't help those who think they are more important due to time. Just a couple to add to the block list. (At least if the nonsense follows in game.)
  16. 1. Common place for people to afk siege just to retain rank. Purely due to the ABSURD amount of GP disparity holding people out of ranks in general. 2. Time isn't a direct measure of effort. I spent a long time as a 4 star on IS without ever gaining ground. 3. Not saying the years of effort should be null by any means. Could reinstate the GP tax but at a scaling rate to you amount you actually have, but even that is less likely than a full reset. I spent years on one toon, never got anywhere near 5-star. At this point, it counts for literally nothing. 4. Not saying all with higher ranks
  17. I mean I could log onto DN or KT toons and see upwards of 80% of those on afk if not more. Special treatment isn't that much of a stretch given during yer "hard farm of a LOT of content" literally does not exist for us. 600k gp for a rank shouldn't be the requirement when it takes over 4 months right now to get around 15,000. Not only is it senseless, but it does nothing but drive people away from even attempting because that is a wall, that in the games current state and future state with 6.7, cannot be climbed. It should not be that way. I'm a general on EK sure, I put a lot of work in with
  18. Apparently the GP seasons are tracked separately from your total GP. So ranks will be untouched by seasons. Your rank will still be determined by your total GP, but seasons will reset their GP counter, but not your total GP. At least according to what I was told by a couple people who play in Korea.
  19. I don't expect it to be GIVEN, @Vantheria-DN. But simply ways for those of us essentially forced off EK to be able to attain quests etc that allow us to earn a bit more than the normal. I don't expect it to happen by any means, but most who got somewhere on EK will likely quit upon the transfers occurring.
  20. @Matsukamy-KT Primary thing for your 3rd listed suggestion, I would prefer GP compensation or the like to at least keep those of us who have worked hard and spent so much time in the running for the rank we currently hold. (at this point i'm a General) As for faction switching, I've seen that idea listed before but never really considered it as a thing they would actually implement. Not a bad idea, but extremely unlikely. (second solution for the GP thing would be a poco or GP bonus for sieges that applies to those being essentially forced out of EK only) Seasonal transfers would be a ge
  21. Just for reference, I'm one of the most active EK-E on the server. Most times we are lucky to have over 30 people on, including bots. Siege last night we capped out at 81 people present. We are losing roughly 5 people a week right now. Last time we had over 100 for siege was mid February. While a merge may hurt others in DN/KT, what about those of us that have put in a lot of time on EK? Just cause your toon is older and has afked longer doesn't give it priority. Was the last merge a mess? Absolutely. Do I expect housing etc to be reset to make up for those in EK losing theirs? No. But some
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