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  1. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    Stop trying to make me cry... NCWEST does have a pretty good track record of ruining games and shutting them down. We all have experienced being disrespected by Aion support staff and GM's. I'm sorry you had to go through that moment like countless others have including myself. If only we could post screenshots of our support tickets that we have sent in and the responses we got (oh wait that's against forum rules). Nothing like having a problem that has a clear solution but support staff and GM's are unwilling to listen and unwilling to act; then if the problem persists, eventually you will get blocked from sending in support tickets. Let's hope this to will change, along with all the other numerous issues the community is pointing out.
  2. @Cyan Server Buffs? Please explain.

    They weren't protecting their economy, they were attempting to protect their paychecks.
  3. @Cyan @NCwest Buying us? Or trying to?

    I agree. Though I'm sure we will get another forum post from one of them which will dig that grave even deeper, or maybe more p2w items on the bcm. Afterall we are their paycheck, I think it's time they learn.
  4. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    I don't feel its acceptable that the Associate Producer / Head GM has a rather large lack of knowledge when it comes to Aion, not only Aion but being out of touch with the player base that he is supposed to be assisting with managing. The Head GM's before him have had extensive knowledge of Aion and game mechanics and also interacted with the community in the game not just making forum threads after mistakes. Kind of like how our CM's can not respond to forum pm's. This has been a build-up of frustrations over year(s), not just day(s), week(s) or even month(s), patch(es) or even event(s). Poor decisions from NCWEST is what has lead us to this point, not my doing, or any other players doing. Why else hide from the community? Why else try and ninja in more p2w items and ninja enchanting buffs. This just shows how out of touch NCWEST is with the community of Aion and the game itself. Let me simplify this, I didn't completely or even play a hand in destroying this event nor did any other player. No player in the past has destroyed events, that's all on NCWEST and their lack of knowledge and caring for the Aion community. Too long we all have sat back and just said well I still have hope that this will happen or these things will change, and look where that got us today? GM's/support staff with their year(s) old copy and paste responses, and who have no knowledge of Aion. For year(s) we have dealt with this bs. For year(s) we have asked for a working website, look at how outdated it is. We have been dealing with this for years, of NCWEST not caring and being more greedy now than ever. I think its about time that we get GM's and support staff that one respond in a timely manner including the forums, and who show they care and have knowledge beyond the basics of Aion. Look at other companies such a Blizzard, who have live support staff and support contacts you back professionally in a matter of minutes, not hours or days. If a GM or CM thinks making yet another forum thread or putting up more p2w items is going to magically soothe the rightfully so anger and distrust being shown, it's not. As someone mentioned earlier that's just a ploy/tactic to draw our attention elsewhere. In my opinion, we need better GM's and support staff that will actually respond and have the knowledge, after all, what we have now is why we are in this mess in the first place. Kudos to those who have canceled their sub and are standing strong with not purchasing any ncoin and who are seeing right thru this bs p2w scheme that is going on right now. Hopefully, that integrity lasts a lot longer than 40 days.
  5. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    It's in the game so people spend $100 on Luna. Kind of how the +12 manastone bundles are on luna dice game. The days of aion being simple like 2.whatever bthm cleric loci rez method on sw are gone. We all thought games like gw2, tera, rift or whatever else would kill aion. They didn't. Ncwest killed aion. As a frand said, "the creator has become the destroyer".
  6. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    I feel at this point after years of this going on from ncwest a lot of these GM's need to be fired. The only thing ncwest has proven is they don't play aion, they don't care about the players and they know how to copy and paste replies in support tickets. I'd love to see GM @Gideon do every instance on stream with random people to experience the gear gap, how time consuming it is to obtain the gear and what a nice send log or client crash and going up against +30 gear and hackers feels like! And not on a GM character that can 1 shot everything.
  7. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    Agreed. It's a slap in the face to realize the GM's don't play aion, have barely any knowledge of Aion, which is why they are out of touch with the community and game they are suppose to be managing. This is probably the time we demand to speak to their boss. Years have gone by with horrible support and abysmal management.
  8. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    40 days??? That's it? How long have we gone without a working website or decent support staff and GM's who aren't dense af? 40 days is being nice.
  9. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    The Aion community finally coming together.
  10. An Open Letter to NC West

    Here we go, yet another post where players start to attack each other... Let us try to attempt to clear up a lot of misconceptions about the event and where we should try to go from here. First, can we all just come to the conclusion that no one player or group or faction is at fault? Let me be more specific, the player(s) that decided to grind fatties all day in league with or without alts, are not at fault. The player(s) that decided to solo grind or pvp or not participate in the most anticipated event in Aions history, not at fault. The player(s) who chose to not spend or spend money on ncoin or somewhere in-between, not at fault. Whether you happen to agree with NC or disagree with NC, still you and those players are not at fault. For the love of bb jesus stop attacking each other. People are going to have a difference of opinion and that's fine. Focus on some of the great suggestions a lot of the community has presented, such as making omegas and temperings (or everything) untradeable with or without or some items having a 7 day timer, or having a new coin in the eye be introduced so that will completely cancel out any type of fatty farming that happened previously. From what I've read (and correct me if I'm wrong) the majority of the community agrees that the prices on the items related to the Tia Eye Event are ridiculously too high. Where the event stands now, in my opinion, it's not really an event; the purpose of an event is to obtain gear and or items faster / easier than you normally would without the event being active (or a better way to make kinah). Now the event makes no sense because you can grind in our everyday instances such as Adma/Theo/DL/FP and have a quicker/better way/chance of obtaining an omega and kinah, rather than participating in endless hours of grinding in the eye. Let's focus on that aspect and ways we as a community can possibly bring those prices down or help NC realize there are many other solutions to this botched event. I to have had some pretty spicy responses over the past few days but not directed at another player, we or most of us are disappointed with the outcome of the event and events that happened thereafter. Try to direct that frustration towards the party that knows about events for months before they happen, and who should be bug testing every event. Stop attacking each other. We all have seen the negative impact the decision from NC has made on the community. Which it seems half of the player base refusing to log in and cancel their sub. It may be hard but try and remain constructive and try not to attack each other. Now here's a puppy, go enjoy your day.
  11. Probably the single most important post ever in this situation.
  12. Logical and clean solution

    This is very true. Sadly still no working website and a store that is bleak (for a lack of a better word) compared to other regions versions of Aion.
  13. Logical and clean solution

    You mean the BCM that is lightyears behind GameForge and K-Aion in terms of item availability? Why, yes I guess the store "works". NcWest could be making so much money if they would simply update the BCM with items players actually could use such as level reduction stones. But I think I'm expecting or well asking for way too much at this point. How many years has it been since we were able to look up peoples gear...?
  14. Logical and clean solution

    fixed that little speel for you! This is NCWest's doing. I couldn't agree more. Furthermore, how dare you take the words right out of my mouth before I was able to type them! However, in trying to keep in line with the spirit of being constructive about the Tia Eye event, there were a lot of constructive and great suggestions the community made, but as of yet, NCWest is unwilling to listen. Keep in mind no solution would be perfect, with keeping certain or all items untradeable or having a 7-day timer there will always be some type of downfall. One thing I didn't really think of was what @Lingerie-DN brought up about the consequences of too many soulstones being around, and how that would eat up any if not all medals on the broker, making insanely high prices. This isn't me defending NCWest, if you've read my previous posts you will see I'm disappointed with their lack of transparency, caring and over knowledge of the game and player base they are supposed to be managing. Probably one of the worst decisions was the 20x price increase; if NCWest actually paid attention they could have salvaged this event by increasing the prices by a bit but making things untradeable or what other variables you would like to throw in, by making a killing off of felectious socketing stones with the manastone bundles just to name a few ways they could have won the community over. But then again we are dealing with a party that is unwilling to listen, unwilling to show basic comprehension of a game and community they are supposed to be managing. When it comes to "complaining", we as a community have a right to complain when we all have seen various instances of the mishandling of the game and events. Look what happened with GameForge, they only listened because their community finally had enough and came together and got the attention of GameForge. This isn't the first day, week, month, year, event or even patch that NA has royally screwed over its player base. The only difference is with this event, NCWest has managed to anger the entire community; when I say the entire community I mean the free to play players that spend no ncoin, the pay to win whales that drop endless amounts of money and the players who are a mix of both who are willing to drop money for ncoin when the event is superb. Someone previously mentioned events are here to help bridge the gap in gear and to help everyone obtain gear and other prizes easier while the event is active. This to me is not an event anymore, its a glorified botch that was supposed to be the most anticipated event probably in the history of Aion, the prices don't make any sense to anyone. You can farm your adma/theo/dl/fp and make more in an hour or so than you would in the event now. If you want a real solution lets start with asking GM's when they will log in and play the game, or asking GM's when they will log in and ask the community what bug fixes we would like to see within pve/p. Let's start by asking GM's to stream playing the game with random players running buggy instances or going up against hackers. Sad part is that will probably never happen. Instead, we will get another survey, 100 coin thanks for the soulstone. Or another in-game survey giving us choices to pick from what we would like to see in future events that most likely will fall on deaf ears. I don't want another survey, I want to see NCWest log in and play this game and not make more forum threads for their mistakes, but prove to us you have our best interests in mind, which right now, it's clear they don't. *Not to mention how we STILL don't have a working website*
  15. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    sigh... what more do you expect from ncwest??? time after time they have made poor decision after poor decision when it comes to aion. did you really have hope they would listen to the community for once? did you? like what ive said before in previous posts the days of support staff and GM/CM caring about our perspective or feelings about aion are long gone. we need to learn to accept that. i wish i could say im surprised or shocked but im not. when you have GM's that dont play aion, dont understand mechanics of aion such as how powerful a fully elvolved minion is in pvp, do you really expect them to be insync with the game or the community? with the prices now being increased 20x + it just further shows how little GM's really pay attention to aion. You can clear 3 runs of adma, 3 runs of theo 4 runs of DL and obtain an omega faster than you can mindlessly farm the fatties. but once again i dont expect for any GM to realize this because they are completely out of touch with aion and its community. and when i say GM's that play aion, i dont mean a GM that shows up in norsvold asmo main city jumping around the broker then going into hide 3. the days of having GM's like WorldFamous and Emrys are gone. GM's who logged into the game and asked the community about what we like to see fixed in pvp and pve, that's transparency. at this point making a forum thread and finally posting the prices after seeing the wave of anger from the community is not transparency. i guess in some ways it could be, but lets face it, those are baby steps in transparency that ncwest is making... baby steps. There are better options that ncwest could have taken instead of increasing the prices 20x + but once again being out of touch with the game itself and your player base what more do you really expect? i guess asking for a GM... OR GM's to log in and communicate with the community in game and fix the issues within the game doesnt fit into the lunchbreak. now im gonna go back to watching RuPauls Drag Race. Bye Wigs.