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  1. The new Christmas weapon skin was supposed to be available to anyone who stayed logged in for 2 hours on 12/25. I assumed this meant for 12/25 starting from the daily server reset at 9am server time until the next daily reset at 9am like every other daily login reward. When I logged in to the game slightly past 10pm PST (Still 12/25 on Christmas for me) the item was not in the daily login rewards. Unfortunately when I submitted a ticket this specific item was only available until 12/25 11:59pm Server Time and I was not eligible to receive the item. It just feels very unfair that I sp
  2. Is there any chance of ever undoing the XP nerf? Even with a 100% XP boost we'll still be getting nothing when mobs in group instances only give us 10k instead of 5k xp... And will the luna crafting items ever change? More skins and mounts would be nice.
  3. Realistically we'll probably get them the evening of the day we get 7.2, or the day after.
  4. She is in Team Para, which is basically the 3rd hostile faction for DN-E after the Asmodians and Balaur.
  5. 1) So far I only have a greatsword. I've had 2 of them drop from BoS so far, is there any difference between a greatsword and polearm besides attack speed? Is there any reason to aim for a polearm now that all weapons have the exact same stats? 2) What stigmas are decent for PvE? (I'm still about 70% ancient gear and only running BoS and FM) When I go full AoE stigmas it's a gigantic help in the pre-boss fighting for both instances, but when it's boss time my damage isn't great. When I go full single target stigmas my damage on the boss is actually pretty good for what my gear is, but the
  6. The level 80 PvP gear from 5.8 would be amazing! Boxes that give the armor itself exist, it would be nice if we could get them for the skins. I would throw my money at the BCM so fast. High Commander Armor: [item:188058998] High Commander Weapons: [item:188058729] High Commander Wings: [item:188058727]
  7. On paper it seems like an incredible skill that can seriously boost a group's dps. In practice... it almost feels like people go out of their way to avoid getting the buff. It has a super big range, but no matter who/what I target or how I re-position myself it feels like 90% of the time I only hit 1 or 2 people with it. I don't have Overwhelming Judgment yet, but I feel like even just using the base skill would be better sometimes, at least that's extra damage every 12 seconds...
  8. But that didn't answer my question.... Do you just run around in a circle for an hour until a shugo spawns? In that video it only shows him killing a shugo, not the actual process of making it appear. I've seen another video where someone runs through the instance and a shugo spawned. But what if it doesn't spawn once you've run around? Do you keep going? When do you know you're out of luck and it just won't spawn?
  9. I've heard of people that have full legendary/ultimate gear use BoS and FM to farm for shugos. FM I can understand because it's small and straightforward, you just run up the hill and hope a shugo spawns. But I don't quite get BoS. I saw a video and I get the idea, but do you just keep running in circles from the start to the 1st boss until one spawns? Is it on a time limit? Do you only get 1 chance and if it doesn't spawn within the first run through you're out of luck?
  10. Well, they give you 4 runs per week, they probably mean for it to be 4 runs, not 6/7/8. Being able to reset your instances twice per week; even if it is a small time frame, sounds like a bug. And taking advantage of that seems like bug abuse to me tbh (Yes even if everyone else is doing it all the time) I mean unless a GM comes in and says that it's totally ok to benefit from something that seems not intended, then more power to ya.
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