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  1. How do you know for sure he got them from the event? You realize that many temperings costs like 70k coins right?
  2. This is what made me upset. I can't speak on behalf of the community and say that it's the same for everyone, but I've talked to friends in-game and it was the same basic principle. Got money to buy 500-1000 temperings/omegas and put them on the broker? No damage done to the economy apparently. As I've said before, I agree that the day 1 prices were too low for league loot with them also being tradeable, but this price increase was too high imo.
  3. It doesn't matter if they enjoy it or not, as always with all companies, you don't like something vote with your wallet. If people don't want to do that then we deserve w/e the game is/will be. If players do refrain from spending money and nothing changes, I'm fine with the game shutting down as well.
  4. I agree and won't be buying anything, however I have a friend in game who is gonna buy $400 worth of ncoin when he gets home from work...so yeah, don't expect that many ppl to follow this method. There are still a lot of ppl that will happily pay to gear up fast.
  5. They can shut down the servers as far as I'm concerned rather than destroying the enjoyment I get from this game even further. The original prices were indeed too low for league loot, but the increase was way too much, and now this "event"...funny how they don't seem worried about the impact of having omegas in the BCM has on the economy.
  6. They can't remove the caeus gear, that makes people spend money in the BCM. Farming something in game doesn't do that.
  7. How could they not notice the problems until last week? I don't get how this company works, both here and in KR. Does that mean KR released the broken event too and still haven't fixed it? Do they have 0 QA in KR? And since EU got the broken event, told KR it was broken, KR didn't consider telling USA Ncsoft "Hey, you know that event you want to add in a couple of weeks? Yeah, it's broken" ? Also, I don't see how any of the fixes would be core mechanic changes. So fixing that both sides get all the skills and not being stuck perma dead is a core change now? Afaik there was
  8. @StarWebIcarii-KT Gear breaking is gone and max enchant level is capped at +15
  9. I hope they get the fixed version or they actually tested thing properly and won't make the same mistake GF made. How it was in EU (event was 1 week ago): - you could get stuck perma dead - depending on which side you spawned you didn't have access to 2 of the custom skills - you can get stuck in the terrain in some parts of the instance - you can get stuck on the bottom ground under the instance path without dying - you can get stuck gliding over a part - godstones work, so you can paralyze people or root them - if they allow low levels to do it as well
  10. You keep saying this without saying how or where you know this from. From watching streams, the game seems very healthy, their forums are active and threads have hundreds/thousands of views. And according to gametrics the game still ranks 13th, and while not a perfect counter, if the game was in a crisis I doubt so many people would be going to PC bangs to play it.
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