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  1. @Cyan Friend is seriously has to look at the system of minion atack 9k 10k hit is not good for the players, loses the need of skill as a player and becomes dependent on a minion!!
  2. This ridiculous system of PVP, there is nothing more about set, jewelry, a minion skill is 10k or more!!! Needs to be nerfed!!
  3. Shugo its third program?? Yes shugo its third program he give u max max zoom its normal game?? NOOOO Seek to know a little more about ping reducer friend! To open 2 clients You do not need a third program Do not confuse things Macro and a third-party program!
  4. You never looked players who use hack with the same eyes, there are several players and videos of the same using hack and nothing was done, we Mlaki KT, Medivac, Choco that had until video showing how to use a macro program, but you simply kick of the game that it has never been done in such a way of punishing really hackers.... but to punish the hackers who are not p2w..
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