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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 2, 2018

    @Cyan Any specific details to the update to the prestige vending machine. Specifically how many "things" you get from the new bags??
  2. Servers Crashed?

    I know they are just the messenger. However I beg to disagree, as in my job I deal with situations similar and when I do it's a drop everything, get people informed of the situation and get the right groups contacted so the issue can be resolved asap.
  3. Servers Crashed?

    So only question is..... Why did we need to wait 1.5 hours to get that response???
  4. Servers Crashed?

    Don't hold your breath. They have not given any kind of update to server crashes for some time now, which as a company is beyond bad business. Both forums and twitter are quiet this time like all the others.......pathetic How they should be acting.......
  5. Servers Crashed?

    Only if you had been doing a run when it crashed or done them before that. Everyone else that was just starting to do them or log in to do them gets shit. Unless NC actually decides to compensate finally for one of these server crashes.
  6. Servers Crashed?

    Anyone alive at NC to give us some kind of update???? @Cyan It's already been about an hour and last 1-2 times it took 1-2 hours with no info from NC about status.
  7. Servers Crashed?

    Only DN
  8. Servers Crashed?

    Freezes when try Danaria......

    What about all the talk and posts about it already being bypassed by the most used hack program for aion??? Will something be done to combat this/change it as needed to prevent constant workarounds??
  10. This worries me as well... as I found more about it and the quote below makes me really wonder about this program. "You should be more concerned that they log all files and paths that you modified in the last ~48 hours and all executable's with prefetch files into their logs. There's also a number of other intrusive things it does like monitoring text your type while the game is running, which can be found in other threads."
  11. Fail already on xingcode3. xingcode3 has already been bypassed in BnS by vanilla. He downloaded it today upon hearing that it was coming to Aion so he could try and he did bypass it. So might as well not implement it as now all it will do is screw with legit players.