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  1. Help! Cannot find where to put 2nd trap for this quest, walked around whole area inside and in front of drake farm and found no place to put it.
  2. I got it to work with the previous instructions it turns out it just did not work if I was running the game in 64bit, but it works in 32 bit
  3. My bad it does work, it just does not work with the 64 bit client.
  4. So has anyone been able to get the steam overlay working with Aion again? If so please share, most recent post I could find was this but it does not work.
  5. Returning player need some answers please if any of you know them. Yes I know transitioning to archdaeva would be best. I have 1 character now that is an Archdaeva but after seeing the new skills windows and configurable point stat system. I don't feel ascending again to Archdaeva really brings much. 1. Do I have to take the 65 quest to become an Archdaeva? 2. If not, can I continue leveling without being an Archdaeva? 3. If I don't take the test will I be stuck at 65 until I do just like Ascension Quest. 4. What is current Fast Track level limit?
  6. This may be a weird request for some of you to understand but with power save mode on my laptop is locked at 30 FPS. Now my laptop is easily capable of pushing FPS into 200 range but at that amount of FPS my cooling fans scream bloody murder. With power ave mode on at a steady 30 FPS my laptop stays as cool as ice. After getting home today and jumping in game I noticed Power Save mode was not running. Even though it is intended for use on the battery I have always been able to use it plugged in. Now I cannot do that and even turning Vertical Sync on doesn't help much to reduce FPS.
  7. Recently have gotten back into Aion. Which class currently has the most Area of Effect attack skills (IE Seismic Wave for Gladiator)? I prefer AoE classes to single target classes.
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