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  1. I'm way below average in terms of being able to commit any kind of time to this game. If I manage to, I can farm maybe an average of 0 to 2 hours a day, so I'm up to approximately 900 coins. I'm reading all kinds of messages being shot around my faction saying that they got at least 5000 to 8000 coins, and I'm talking about average players who can commit 3 to 5 hours a day of farming.

    When I look at the rewards list and think back to all the players who are able to farm a lot more than I can with the staggering amounts they're boasting, I think the pricing scheme reflects the realistic pricing based on NCsoft's determination of the "average".

  2. Guys, the adjusted prices are realistic and meant for you to complete whatever sets or enhancements you are missing. Are you seriously thinking that NC will start handing out +20 purified abyss gear like candy?

    Most game companies will adjust numbers to maintain a balance, and what NCsoft is doing here is no different. You should be glad they did it BEFORE the NPC was made public.

    Please refrain from any gripes about P2W. P2W players are the ones who help NCsoft keep their lights on and their servers running so YOU can enjoy the game. You're not required to engage in PvP if you choose not to. There are always ways around it if you're smart enough.

  3. Oh, and before anyone complains about DoTs waking fear, make all single-target fears insta-cast. This way, Spiritmasters will need to actually learn to play their class before burying a bunch of DoTs into the target and stripping them of all their buffs.

  4. I don't understand why fear is treated like paralysis. At current, any Spiritmaster can master their fear rotations and gain their easy win, burning through a feared target without any retaliation. I was in a canyon almost winning against some Spiritmaster, but was fear locked throughout the entire fight, then she puts up Bodyguard. The fight was pretty much over for me.

    There are a few expert Spiritmaster who don't even depend on fear to win a fight, and they hit like trucks!

    Fear should be the skill to break up a zerg or give the caster ample time to come up with the next strategy, but not lock the feared targets into a state of perpetual paralysis! Please treat the skill like a sleep so that the target, when struck, awakens from the feared state!