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  1. PvE Glad Questions

    Unless you have double digit ping, ignore polearm. It's slower and hard to weave. Choose greatsword, it's faster and easier to weave between AACs. AoEs are to aggro a bunch of mobs. What you need is a greatsword for group of mobs and a nice dual wield set for boss fight ( i prefer dagger/sword). For stigmas, as ykcuL said, choose a hybrid build: sure strike, sharp strike, exhausting wave, lockdown, earthquake wave, the last slot doesnt matter. So does the vision stigma. Also, make sure you get the surefooted charge (daevanion skill) and weave. Some people say that weaving is pointless with this patch, i say it's not. Weave between skills and make some nice skill combos. Your damage will increase as you gear up. Last but not least, a fennec fox/pixel transformation will help as well.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    I logged just to check if this event worth it. Reading past comments, apparently it doesn't. Hm, back to inactivity

    Critical + Accuracy > PvE (Accuracy till 13.2k, then stack Critical) Critical + Physical Attack > PvP (Critical close to 29-30%, then Physical Attack)
  4. The problem with dungeons

    First of, you chose the wrong server. Now, reroll on DN-A, I will teach you anything you need to know my new PvE friend
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    Oh my God! No more farming shards, no more bzzzt!
  6. The overall dps will be higher when you get some ultimate pieces. Focus on retunes with high amounts of Physical Attack, Accuracy and Critical Strike. I agree on that. Weaving is useless with polearm/greatsword, especially with high ping. Weaving on dual wield set though is still a must, despite what most people say. Low ping and legendary transformation. I can't tell till i test it... when and if i ever get a legendary transformation.
  7. Yes, that combination worths more than using a purple polearm. Ultimate dagger will definitely increase your overall dps.You can check it as well by trying different combinations. Since i don't know how to post images here, i'm using sure strike, sharp strike, earthquake wave, lockdown (these are the stigmas i propose since the cd of ferocious and body smash chains has been reduced to 5 seconds), rest stigmas as per your own taste. The only thing i can't tell for sure is, if polearm can give higher dps with low ping and legendary transformation, since i don't have neither low ping nor a purple contract. People generally say that dual wield is not for this patch, but i'm stubborn
  8. Unless you have a higly plused master harvester weapon, don't bother with dual wield this patch. I have tested every possible combination so far. Main hand 6.2 ulti dagger / off hand master harvester sword gives me the highest dps so far. Generally if you compare dps using 6.2 gear, polearm will give you higher dmg. But dual wield with ulti dagger and master harvester sword will give you higher dmg than polearm. What were you using on you dual wield while testing?
  9. Happy Holidays from the Aion team!

    Happy Holidays!!!! Please be our Santa Claus that will bring us cheaper power shards in shop soon I am tired of farming them every day
  10. In Memory of Instagib

    My sincere condolences to you, his family and all his loved ones. Be strong
  11. KInah Ideas?

    Literally farm legendary and ultimate guilding stones. 15m per 100 legendary guilding stones currenty at DN-A. They sell really fast. At least that's how i'm making kinah. This too. But we're still at 6.2 so no rush.
  12. P2W much?

    Why you guys are so surprised... You don't know that there were and still are some people that receive a special care? Let's say you work in a company, you have a repeated customer, the repeated customer makes an inquiry, the company fulfills his inquiry, customer keeps spending, company keeps receiving, woo-hoo everyone is happy...That guy was not careful enough! Obviously, there's nothing to investigate regarding how he got an exchanged piece on a new server in the first place And no, noone will be informed of what happened, how did he get it... i mean, whoops, who gave it to him
  13. Let's all help :)

    You 're probably right. I posted it here without a second thought. I think it's called in sheer of momentum in English. Was trying only to sensitize some people, if i could. My apologies.
  14. Let's all help :)

    I found this accidentally.. https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/ethans-ftm-transgender-chest-surgery We have helped in the past people that needed a support, time to help once more a fellow player.
  15. @HimeWhat about my ring of ancient magic? I won't be able to use it on the new patch? I used Ncoins for it *Reveals a whip
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6IyYG0XM1U some info about the new patch @Hime Please don't forget us, your EU playerbase.. do something about the siesges timezone please
  17. University thesis about Aion

    Interesting survey, i liked the questions Filled it. Good luck!
  18. Much better work on the updated table. Thanks guys! @Cyan there is a wrong reference on the google sheet. Distorted Sunayaka Weapon Enchant 20 gives +15 Ancient Zenith/Winged Champion Weapon Box Distorted Sunayaka Weapon Enchant 21 gives +5 Ancient Zenith/Winged Champion Weapon Box ??? I think you mean +5 Legendary Zenith?
  19. In memory of you...

    Today is one of those days that strengthen my in game beliefs. Today is one of those days that corroborate that strong bonds of friendhsip can be developed in a game community, such as this. Today is one of those days during which i want to scream ''why? why you?''. We are all here trying to find a way to escape from our real life problems/routine and entertain ourselves in a healthy way, during which we have the chance to get to know people all over the world. Blacks, whites, gays, lesbians, christians, muslims, beautiful diversities and personalities all over the world. We are all part of the same game community, interacting with new and old players, creating bonds with them, seeking for fun and fun only. We are all real people, we are not pixels. Keep this in mind, behind a toon there's a real person, a person that has emotions, feelings, hopes, problems and fears... People come, people leave, people live, people die... like that, unexpectedly. Today i want to pay tribute to a peson of this game community, a tribute to one of the kindest persons i had the chance to get to know in Aion, among others. A person with an exceptional personality, a pure heart and a fighter of life. A person who never insulted anyone and always willing to help. I love you brother, you gave your best fight. God wanted you next to him. I wish we all could give you a .... last embrace :'( Rest in peace :'( NOONE IS A PIXEL! I'm sorry, i'm shocked and emotionally broken :'( P.S. Ming, hang tight man, hang tight there.
  20. Omegas? Is this normal?

    It's a pure RNG factor. I have pieces who got 5 omegas straight up to +20 and a piece that sucked 14 omegas. Nevertheless, WTS my RNG
  21. Servers Crashed?

  22. Limited kinah gain

    You paid 20 euros. You can pay some extra, i'm sure.
  23. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    One of the few posts i agree and like at some point. You have my upvote. A lot of us have already cancelled our prestige subscriptions. EU had a protest at the time their playerbase was being treated like wallets only. I think it's time for this playerbase to react as well.