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  1. Basically saw what transformation pots we can get and I can say that Balaur can be a viable faction now. Change my mind
  2. I noticed a lot of things has changed. It's been like 6 years more or less (can't exactly remember) since I played this and nostalgia has gotten the best of me. I would like to go back to play this and my favorite classes were cleric, SM, AT, and SW. I'm curious about Vandal too. With all the changes that has happened which would y'all recommend? SM, SW, AT, Cleric, or try out vandal or others. I usually play alone cuz no friends ;-; but like to help others
  3. Returning from 3 years of not playing the game

    Mostly likely it was race conflict. I'm not really upset because I barely started on them.
  4. Returning from 3 years of not playing the game

    I looked and they ain't there. Oh well, I figured it's time for a fresh start anyway.
  5. The title is self explanatory. I noticed there was a mountain of changes. So right I would like to start over as of most my characters vanished with the merging servers. I'm at a difficult decision of class to choose. I've been partial to Cleric, SM, and AT unless those classes got nerfed. I usually do solo PVE (nobody loves me), don't care for PVP, and just looking for general survivability.