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  1. Dear Katalam Asmodians, Aenhon has decided to change to a new campaign slogan and share it with you. We all know money changes everything, knowing what you are doing doesn't matter because it's all in the past now, money changes everything. You say well who can you trust? I'll tell you it's just nobody else's money, but Aenhon's, and that is why Aenhon should have all the money in the world to cleanse and trickle it down. Money changes everything, Saerah
  2. Hey @Hime, I heard @Cyan died in the Sarpan Massacre yesterday that was definitely caused by the non-P2W players and you will be taking over? No one reported on it because they were too busy spreading lies about the Aenhon Campaign. If everyone votes for Aenhon, complete order will be restored to Asmodae. Thanks, Saerah.
  3. Aenhon is great and infallible. Vote for Aenhon on July 32nd!
  4. This is an excerpt from one of our campaign meetings with the speaker as Aenhon. It is sad to hear that Cit has paid the Ethics Committee to mute Aenhon and I so that Aenhon may lose the election. My coworkers and I have been through numerous candlelight vigils, some as candlelight vigils, and this isn't the way to treat us when we worked so hard to bring stability, strength, and unity to the Asmodian army. Just the other day we were discussing with one of the Asmodians that she should never show up to siege again because she was pathetic and weighting everyone down, a message of stability, st
  5. Ok, sir, we know you have donated to the Aenhon campaign 4 times, we screenshot all donations. So when you imply you are blocking us, you are fake news, there is no explainable way you would block us when you donated to us. You even paid for Aenhon to push for your platform that hacking is morally okay, he did, and you praised that. Edit: I'd like to remind people hacking still isn't allowed.
  6. May I interest you into listening to Aenhon? https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/2554-aenhon-address-to-the-katalam-asmodian-people-1/
  7. It is Monday and Aenhon's Campaign for Siege Leader continues with an address to the Katalam Asmodian people. So, the music in the background is Aenhon's favorite music to have meetings to, he usually plays it on loop, and he wanted to share that experience with you while he addresses all of you. Also for your information, there is a little trouble with Aenhon's microphone, he sounds much more intelligible in person. We believe Cit sabotaged our microphone in order to win the election. To view our first post introducing Aenhon and myself, please navigate to this page.
  8. Fake news, a true women knows exactly what this means since I am a women and I understand it. We are one in the same thing, that is right I are you. You may deny what you truly are as some parts of me, but I know who I are. It must be the radiation, it makes us women hilarious.
  9. She is the restless river running through my veins, she rides without the reins, my name is Juanita, but you can call me Saerah, and I'd like to first start off by telling you a little about myself. I live in the heart of every woman in the world, within the reach of every girl who wants to meet me. She's a part of women and a part of me. She's not just a pretty face. She is your waitress, she is your judge, she is your teacher. She is every woman in the world, I am every woman in the world, but I am not Valor, Hime, Cyan, or anyone at NCsoft, and for special reasons I must point out that Valo
  10. So who were the hackers in your internal environment? We gotta know this so we can shame them Cyan!
  11. Well, there is another issue, there are legions of 'idols' who befriend legions of hackers. I don't even understand why they are 'idols', there isn't anything special about them. They are worse at playing than everybody else, only thing different is that they have P2W gear or hacks. It needs to change.
  12. Discord, Google, and Microsoft are under the microscope far more than the company in question, mainly because they are big companies. Key logging information directly from the user on their computer is far worse than one company logging information when you visit them as well. We have no clue how malicious this company is, where in the case of Google, they are bound to be not as malicious, for example selling bank pin codes to strangers is something Google wouldn't do where the company in question has no kind indicator that they won't. It really doesn't matter, the only thing that should
  13. Ditto, however I'm too busy, better now than later. People get too accustomed far too easily as well.
  14. This anti-cheat system is very worrying. It is a valid concern that the majority of these commentators against the anti-cheat system could be cheaters or people who support cheaters, but it is still a major issue that this anti-cheat system is allegedly able to key log your computer, or scan it in it's entirety and send selected information to some shady company that not much have heard of. The likes of these capabilities' descriptions would probably be shielded from NCsoft and the players, as that is the nature of data mining. Some players have non-disclosure agreements to keep. This program
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