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  1. Update Xform Skills to 6.x

    Dear NCSOFT, Xform skills aren't doing any dmg they are useless. Least make em a little stronger so they are more than added pixels to the game. Xforming is a big deal in the game I do understand that the skills are not suppose to be overpowered, however being absolete is also not a good thing. Skills are there for a reason they represent something in being a xformed daeva, can you please give them some attention? The skills are doing 25 dmg to targets.
  2. 1- Does anyone know how do we get plants to use our fertilizers on? 2- Are Kitty skins still a thing or have they been removed from housing? 3- Are dyes still obtainable through housing or have they been completely washed? Thanks
  3. Housing - Fertilizers

    I guess you are right! Hair dyes are still being sold in sanctum/pandemonium just look for the npc In sanctum it is the only npc to the left of Elyos Square. In panda idk since I haven't played asmo on this new patch.
  4. Lakrum Geysers

    Please search on you data for the geysers from the patch 2.0 Gelk/Igg and replace Lakrum geysers with those. The old 2.0 geysers were clean and worked fine these on Lakrum often gets you stuck and you can't bounce at all to top. This needs a fix asap, specially for players that roams around looking for pvp this is extremely annoying.
  5. Lakrum Geysers

    your* data ps: Sempra stop hating on my post.
  6. Where to get lvl 50 stigma?

    Just keep going u'll get everything eventually.
  7. In Memory of Instagib

    Was wondering where did he go, or if he got bored of Aion and left EK. Was really fun to fight him open world. Great player and a big loss for the community. I'm really sorry that has come to happen.
  8. Honestly, a great idea for an Event., It is basically a pvp event and Aion players are complaining about it. Which is rather sad. I'd say the shugo at the temple is not the greatest idea due to faction imbalance on every server but as an overall event this seems to be pretty good and much better than some, if not most, of the events from 5.x. The rewards aren't good at all, even for this patch that isn't "take that free gear so you can buy omega packs to enchant it". I think most players are spoilled from 5.x and with time they'll accept that 5.x is gone. Seems like it is an event most to be played and have fun rather than just gear freak. But we haven't played it yet so we could only speculate.
  9. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Thank you so much for telling me i'm a top player, I thought I was pretty rubbish I got a total 1 monthish on Chanter imagine if I was playing my main. Also i have my gear for all to see since i started playing Aion, It just shows you how wrongly you played by loosing to a mediocre gear player. If you make decent use of your skills you can survive a long time as chanter and cleric, I know much better geared clerics and chanters from asmo side that survives much longer than me and dog. But I still love you wada.
  10. Crucible Spire hard Exit

    Would you please add a way to leave crucible spire after you know you won't be able to progress anymore? Dying to get out seems so dumb, when there could be just a way of clicking a buttom and leaving. I'm saying this because I'm pretty sure other versions of crucible had that option to leave whenver you felt like. There should be still one would also speed up the process of getting back inside, since I wouldn't have to go back to my obelisk to then get back into the instance. Thank you Kindly.
  11. We have almost 1 league for siege, but careless about siege world pvp is where the real fun is. Since asmo has more than twice the number of elyos it's really easy to find people everywhere I walk.
  12. EK isn't dead at all, people just took long to get to 80. If you love to pvp in a semi balanced (as balanced as it can be gearwise) environment play Elyos on EK while people still can't p2gear up, since asmos are overpopulating least by 3:1 atm.
  13. Aion Error E02018

    They might not even have a network tech in their staff. Hiring someone to do this will take longer than a person who actually would normally update/take care of the network.
  14. Aion Error E02018

    @Cyan Are you updating us here so we can receive a notification for when this is solved? What is the ETA? hours days weeks months? Thank you kindly.
  15. Aion Error E02018

    https://ibb.co/kFNgs7 Can this be fixed? Short story: Was having a problem loading XINCODE, therefore Aion wouldn't open. Deleted Aion completely from my pc including reg files. Trying to reinstall and get that error doesn't matter how many times I restart the launcher still doesn't work. Support hasn't repplied yet on e-mail.
  16. Tiamaranta's Eye

    Expect an extra 0 behind all prices of this cute exchange npc.
  17. Could someone kindly list the instances and number of entries since the pack nor store lists them? Thanks