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  1. wow, worked, ty very much. WTFast is with a login problem right now, but when it come back I'll test better. @Extase-KT for me worked, I'm sad that you uninstalled the game and maybe didnt need. I hope it work for you too.
  2. Ty for your help, but even with no ping it doesn't work. It stops in XIGNCODE3 that never load, and if I try to repair I get again the same problem at 100%.
  3. Seems it's a TRACEROUTE problem, and yes, we are f... I still don't believe that I'll stop play with less than 4% to level up to 75, incredible. RIP aion for me, going to the Sanzu River, see you
  4. ty Cheesee, I dont believe in them at all, I'll just wait and see what happens. I was so close to 75, this is the sad part
  5. First the shinigami, I mean, XIGNCODE didn't load... so I tried to repair files and : I'll send a ticket, I'm justing posting here for ppl don't think is their pc problem
  6. This is the why they are coming with a lot of changes for 6.0... the game is broken... About asmos or elyos, I rarely saw a balanced fight in the servers that I played (since 5 years or more). If it was elyos with big numbers (and $$) now, you could be a unhappy asmo posting here. We are not 2 races in fact lol , we are all players. Sometimes I got scare how people really act like there was other race Dont be upset, the event is bad for a lot of reasons. A bad event start with ninjas; the overacting about prices from both sides, the zombie mechanics, the 1 coin quest ha ha ha T
  7. The food box is pretty good I'm sure the advanced team of math engineers from Nsoft will remake the prices ?
  8. So a guy was selling this plume in LFG: Why this plume have so much more power than other +8?
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