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  1. So it looks like the filter is broke after the update today. I have added a lot of things to the file still getting spammers from ThreeW.P2PAH.COM . any Ideas here. Thanks in advance.
  2. Well today after the update I added what I Had saved to the file, still having one get through it is ThreeW.P2PAH.COM. I have added that and Register, Register-, Get Coupons, Register Get Coupons, Register- Get Coupons, Kinah, $, 2$. These are all things in the spam that is getting through. Any help on what anyone else has done to stop these I already blocked 5 of them. Edited my aionfilterline.dat file then went to Character screen to reload . still getting through so I logged and signed back in and they are still getting through. Thanks all.
  3. thanks for that I did not keep mine at the top but will from now on great Idea thx.
  4. Yes that is what I have found out. I have added quite a few things and today haven't had to block any spammers 😀
  5. After I found the file and added it, it is a lot better. Also is good to know about going to Charater screen to reload the file, so thanks all for the info. Since I am 69 years old I am a little slow with computer stuff lol. I played this game when it first came out I still have a couple of characters with the "Settler of Aion" Title in Th Regular game.
  6. Am I missing something . I can't find the chat filter settings and am still getting bombarded by Kina sellers. I thought todae=ys patch was to give us a chat filter. I am tired of having to block the Kina sellers spam in LFG. Please tell me what I am supposed to do !!
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