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  1. Characters and purchased items

    No I didn't buy the game, my brother however played for yrs when it first came out and paid a yearly fee, when it went free he told me about it. Have to log in with email. I was talking about items we purchased, like storage pack animals and rides etc... thanks for the info and I don't have a problem starting a over, just want what I purchased. If not I guess I will be playing old characters . I have been playing for yrs, but not since last yr, was in hospital. Wanted to go back to game and my grandsons said it was different, servers were gone. Was on IS and TM servers. so I sign in like always with email addy and then click on Danaria? Is that one of the new servers? GS said it only had two now, haven't gone on yet, as I have a new computer and haven't downloaded it yet. I want to thank you both for helping this old gal Thank You GrandmaGamer
  2. Characters and purchased items

    Thank you, so my grandsons need to log in to NCsoft to get the new name for aion acct? when you log in to game, do you put this code in, like mine is 2s145DBB-DN? Thanks again for reply. GrandmaGamer
  3. So what happen to the characters I worked so hard to level up and the items I purchased for my game? I know from my grandsons the server thing changed etc...but they can't find characters they had either. They have to start all over... not right, please help me understand what happened to them. Thank you GrandmaGamer