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  1. Not sure even plastic surgery is gonna fix this. Both my SM and Sin have this issue. In-game their right eye is the wrong color but on the plastic surgery screen, their eyes look normal.
  2. *facepalm* Seriously? I ran the limit out on purpose last night before maintenance on multiple accounts. Can you fix this, please. I can't even sell rubbish right now.
  3. Help Serious Evergale Bug

    I had a similar bug last night. I quick queued for EC and it ran for an unusually long time. I tried canceling but it clicking did nothing. Hitting [x] made the box disappear but did not cancel queue. I switched toons for a few minutes and fortunately that fixed it and I was able to re-queue and enter. I kind like running EC and I'd really rather not be locked out of it. NC please fix this bug!
  4. Wilderseige

    Chanters FTW! I see your Hellfire and raise you Now it just kinda tickles.
  5. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    *snuggles* I'm not the only obsessive Title Hunter, yay! This is no longer accurate. Captain Mituna was moved to the LOWER ABYSS. He's on one of the "new" islands. The place is crawling with balaur elites. At level it's nearly impossible without a group. If you've already leveled past 50 it's best to keep going to at least 65 if you intend to tackle the Captain alone.
  6. Cannot Purchase NCoin

    I keep getting error 5300 and cannot complete a purchase. I'd like to buy a skin.... and some Omegas... so please fix this.
  7. Hello? Nurse?

    Nurses are missing from the medical tents .... again.
  8. Code Red NPCs Missing

    Helloooo? Nurse? They haven't reported for their shifts. Should we organize a search party? It's not just Sanctum, they're missing from all the other regions and FTS. (Plz fix. We need our EXP buff.)
  9. Visual Bugs

    That's not stink. That's Bogel's manly cologne. I get this aura after teleporting but only on my Chanters. I was thinking it was related to one of my buffs.