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  1. Makeup for the Eye!

    Well state what you want to happen something needs to be done, anything
  2. Makeup for the Eye!

    Hello alot of people will not be happy for the eye being taken out and the npc just before serverdown. so i believe NCsoft should give us a reward. heres a few ideas ⚫ Exp event. ⚫ Golden Die x10 ⚫ Something to make up for it. You should give us more reasoning because more people spent that whole day farming and i thought maybe just for once the game will go back to the way it was. But Ncsoft you need to either fix this or lose alot of players because of this. people waited for a event like this to happen for a very long time and the game just became alive again. Xoxo Waifu.
  3. Tiamaranta's Eye

    Hi @Cyan this is the most active i've ever seen aion in a long time. alot of my old buddies just came back to game for this event and your telling me theres a "huge bug" and that its being taken out of till a later time? thats not right at all people spent the whole day farming that stuff. you took out the npc before we could turn anything. we deserve some kind of reward or a exp event or something this complete stupidity

    Question, so when i played b n s, it wouldnt start up. after hours and hours of doing research i found out it wouldnt open because of my anti virus. am i going to have the same issue? because i dont wanna have to disable this on and on again and not be able to open my browser to listen to music - _ - . its stupid.