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  1. Hello. All players know the difficult to obtain Leg,Ult and even Ancient transformation to new players. Enchant Stigmas to +12 is too hard too, +15 without event is almost impossible. Platinium Cubics for endgame instances is like a dream. And some others problems. My idea is to start a permanent event that rewards players for their activity in the game in different ways. It would be like a coin event, You have some NPC that sell itens for a coin like ASA, however you can get this coins doing Instances, lugbug and time. Every 2h you can get 1 Coin (6h max = 3 Coin) = Total:
  2. It was just an example, I have others Ideias, but I'll leave it to Ncsoft. Camps don't need to be in Katalam, Lakrum counts too. Instances I think they're easy to do, except SL EM. I understand that Luna instance can be done by everyone independent the gear, however my objective is to make ppl do think in game, creating more groups to do quests and instances, more ppl running the OW map and doing things. Yeah I agree, but I don't like this, I can do all the 12 runs in 1h or a bit more but is almost the same thing. My idea was do it weekly, so we can organize it better and
  3. (Sorry for Grammatical errors) My idea is just change the system of Luna craft to something like Cuna. What would happen? Remove Luna Instances (Or stay the weekly with others rewards like AP, manastones and enchants and the daily with XP, lot's of XP, but they just can get xp if hit mobs) Remove Luna Itens (Flawless, Chipped, Cloudy,Clear and Luna Crystal) Remove Luna Craft. .Add Luna Quests to Lugbug's Mission - 20 Luna per Weekly Quest (10 Quests) - Would be nice if add Bundles of 5x Ancient enchant or 1 Leg Enchant and 1 Leg Manastones Random in quest too, othe
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