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  1. give this man a cookie, he started playing in 2004 when aion was released in 2008
  2. gotta give it to NC on this one =D if you're smart, you could have reverted the reward and just silently nyerk with the enchantment rate a bit and everyone happy~ you did it before anyway... if they fail, they'd just blame it on RNG~ they would never know i mean look, you even reverted the enchantment system back to omega + sup = still a chance of failing and of course break on the older archdaeva gears, so now there's no 100% rate anymore (found this funny since no one ever point this out and NC never mentioned this) oh and remember back then omega = lose 1 lvl if fail after +1
  3. You guys have misunderstood NC they wanted you to go out there, get a job, work, get 10-20 dollars per hour and buy Ncoins to get those omega/tempers work 8 hours = ~80-160 dollars spend 10-20 dollars for ncoin = 800-1600 ncoins = more than 1 omega every 2 hours right? =D
  4. Everyone calm down! this could be the early April Fool NC is giving us. Right NC? =D
  5. I actually would love to see from 200 down to ~70 people in siege =D or perhaps not even that
  6. Xigncode3 is in monitoring state, so stop complaining guys! let them do their works. it'll take a while since xigncode3 implemented in B&S is also still in monitoring mode. Please be more understanding. they're working their ass to make changes =(
  7. one thing for sure there are a lot of accounts online everyday =D
  8. you're wrong. Xingcode3 is working as intended. Dirty hackers are crashing all over the places. Nice work NC~
  9. so I have heard xingcode3 has been bypassed even before the servers were up. and that our glorious governor of KT will set a new record of DPS tonight at siege.
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