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  1. 2 hours ago, Optimis-DN said:

    Not to join in on this rant on forums but I just want to point out if no one has yet. @Cyan I had read that the reason why they implemented the price changes because of the amount of people able to share in the loot of the fatties. A better way to may have fixed this would have been to just take the bags dropping from the fatties out. @Cyan if you would log in right now and see the amount of elyos struggling to even get a few fatties because of the amount of asmos patrolling. Thats why they are this mad, I have been playing this game since what 2004? back when I think 50 was cap; I know the struggle of grinding for your set and fixing it up while you have to watch your back for the opposite faction. Maybe things could have been changed differently for this event, also maybe we should go back to pay to play, idk. Anyways wish you guys the best, hopefully you'll come up with an event after this one to make up for this one. Back to grinding and hiding from OP asmos at the moment because my gear isn't up to par yet completely.


    On a side note: thanks for the flash sale

    give this man a cookie, he started playing in 2004 when aion was released in 2008

  2. gotta give it to NC on this one

    =D if you're smart, you could have reverted the reward and just silently nyerk with the enchantment rate a bit and everyone happy~ you did it before anyway...

    if they fail, they'd just blame it on RNG~ they would never know

    i mean look, you even reverted the enchantment system back to omega + sup = still a chance of failing and of course break on the older archdaeva gears, so now there's no 100% rate anymore (found this funny since no one ever point this out and NC never mentioned this) oh and remember back then omega = lose 1 lvl if fail after +10? now it's just back to 10 even used omega  =D so ~

    plus the enchantment rate doesn't show~ so it's easy to manipulate without anyone knowing

    Nyerk NC is Nyerk


  3. You guys have misunderstood NC

    they wanted you to go out there, get a job, work, get 10-20 dollars per hour and buy Ncoins to get those omega/tempers

    work 8 hours = ~80-160 dollars 

    spend 10-20 dollars for ncoin = 800-1600 ncoins = more than 1 omega every 2 hours right? =D 

  4. Xigncode3 is in monitoring state, so stop complaining guys! let them do their works. it'll take a while since xigncode3 implemented in B&S is also still in monitoring mode.

    Please be more understanding. they're working their ass to make changes =(