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  1. Yes, there is clearly something with it. Bump
  2. so its correct to deal more damage with 600 magic boost then it is to with 6.8k magic boost? that doesn't sound correct my Magic boost buffs etc is not affecting the damage
  3. the problem is not PVE its pvp. when dealt damage with no gear on i did more damage then i did with gear on
  4. @Cyan Hello, I'm making this forum to show all players /gm's about the bug of the Archdaeva skill Summon Punishment Energy. This skill when maxed by using Essence points has a based damage of 3779, However it is dealing 278 damage or less on any player with 75/80 AP gear Whom I have the Magic boost cap on. I tested this on multiple characters. I've even tested this on players 74 and below whom have 75 AP and still does a cap of 278 damage. The Support team in charge of fixing bugs Suggested I Delete Aion and reinstall it. I've done this already. This does not fix my or any other cleric who's h
  5. BUMP. lets see if they take the right approach this time.. @Cyan
  6. A sense of urgency for a npc, but not for 48 players stuck in evergale que during power-up event. Smh ncsoft..smh
  7. @Cyan and the ppl who got 1 win per day and didn't get mats during power-up event? should have atleast been given 4 a day for the 5 days of the bug. already heard this reply each of the 5 tickets..just saying was a bad way to solve or show interest in the bug. WE get the notice you guys are actually aware AFTER the event. Thanks
  8. I guess we will have to bog down on the support. my last 3 tickets they merged into the same one and don't even reply to them lol
  9. Doesn't seem like that will happen. I got 0 rewards for 3 tickets. DAY 3 a big FU still
  10. "Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are currently aware of this issue and hope to have a fix implemented in an upcoming patch. At this time Game Support Team does not have a workaround. Once a fix has been created and tested it will be made available in a future update. For now, any information or update about this will be made available on our official forums and website." What no rewards for this? Just a thanks. People pay for this crap service, and get treated like crap too? Amazing, no urgency in this game what so ever.This is "power up event" I want to upgrade my gear dur
  11. This is complete Bs and needs to be fixed now. Either reset the server or give those stuck in the alliance rewards minimum to 4 wins a day. not 1 win reward. 2 days we have been stuck like this for a BS response from GM's @Cyan
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