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  1. Will Vandal Gear Pack Deadline Be Extended?

    Well, as has been noted previously, we might be able to make more toons for free if the free trial version of the prestige pack is still available. To my knowledge, they have yet to address whether or not the trial version will unlock the extra slots, however. *sigh*
  2. Will Vandal Gear Pack Deadline Be Extended?

    I'm sorry, but this is complete incompetence on NCWest's part. 6 days after the prestige pass screw-up and we've received absolutely no clarification on how the extra character slots are suppose to work, or if the Vandal pack giveaway is going to be extended for those who could not create their ninth toon (Vandal). The deadline for the free giveaway is TOMORROW for nyerk's sake!
  3. Katalam Server Crash

    We will all have to wait until Monday for them to even acknowledge the server went down. Don't expect much.
  4. Character Creation Slots

    I desperately want more slots! I have no room for the new painter class and I can not justify deleting one of my other toons.
  5. I have been looking for months! I've only ever seen it listed once and it was for more kinah than I currently own.
  6. I would really love to see this hairstyle back on the BCM for the summer! :
  7. Request the developers retexture the old hairstyles

    I would definitely like to see the older hairstyles updated! Not sure why the Korean player-base hasn't complained about it.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 17, 2019

    Feels good to be able to edit my housing script again. Now if only my eyes matched. >_O
  9. I also want to know why this has not been addressed yet! @Cyan I am not at all happy playing with bugged toons! It is bad enough we have to play with those awful transformation scrolls, but even when I don't use them my character's look foolish. Please let us know if there are any plans to fix this bug because I am seriously thinking about quitting the game if I can't enjoy playing on my own characters. Thank you!
  10. New Class is coming?

    Not sure I like the idea of another cloth wearing muse class.
  11. NcSupport is a Nightmare this Patch!

    I just went through a similarly irritating experience with support. I contacted them on the 25th of October -- the morning after the 6.2 patch went live -- concerning a couple of armor and weapon boxes that had gone missing on two of my characters after the update. I specified which character's were affected by the loss and the name of each equipment box that went missing. Four days later I got a response back stating that they had located ONE of the items in question and had restored it on ONE of my characters. The problem was, the character they restored the item to was a character I had never even mentioned in my ticket -- a storage character that I was planning on deleting anyway! I wrote back explaining that they had misread my ticket, and again listed the two character's affected and the four equipment boxes by name. Three days later they wrote back and stated that they had further checked the report (apparently they don't do anything thoroughly the first time) and that they had verified that both of my character's had discarded one of the equipment boxes before the patch hit. However, there was no log showing that I had discarded the other two boxes that went missing. Furthermore, they stated that they were unable to restore ANY of the items in question because "too much time had passed".
  12. @Bunnies-DN Oh, I see. I wasn't aware that the eyes had changed to any color other than black/dark grey. I do apologize if it seemed like I was trying to dismiss your information before. I do believe what you are saying. I was simply trying to make sure all of us (and the people looking into this matter) were on the same page. Your theory certainly makes sense. I just find it odd that all of my toons have the black-eye affect as opposed to their eyes changing to a random default color.
  13. @Bunnies-DN I just want to clarify that there is an option in the character maker for toons to have two differently colored eyes. Some of the NPC's you have listed may actually be appearing on screen as intended. The NPC pictured above for example, the discolored eye is on the left side, not the right side, unlike the pictures we are seeing from players. All of the playable characters I have seen afflicted by the bug (including my own) have their right eyes blacked out entirely, whereas this NPC's left eye appears to be grey in color and you can clearly see the pupil.
  14. Help with incomplete Campaign gear

    This would be fantastic! I too have many character's who are unable to obtain their full set of leveling gear. I hope this suggestion is taken seriously.
  15. Again new patch messes up characters' looks...

    Support is aware of this issue and are quote, "investigating what happened" - Cyan.