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  1. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    @Vantheria-DN, thank you so much for taking the time to answer me so thoroughly! 😊 I feel more confident now making a decision.
  2. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    lol, I am so sorry for the confusion! I was racking my brain to find the easiest and clearest way to explain myself, but apparently I didn't succeed. Yes, this is exactly what I was asking about. I have one of those hair appearance-changing "hats" (for example: Two-toned Bob) that I wanted to register in the wardrobe as is, rather than skinning it on a piece of gear. However, if I register that hat, will I be unable to see the appearance of any other hat I equip normally through the character profile window? I have a feeling I would be better off not registering the hat at all and skinning it as you suggested, or simply wearing it as is.
  3. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    Is there a way to "hide" the appearance of a registered item in the wardrobe? For instance, what if I register a hat but have another hat in my inventory that I would like to equip from time to time? Am I unable to toggle the appearance?
  4. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    So now all players level 10-70 are stuck on one map? As if the game wasn't monotonous enough. I particularly love how as a level 16 in Beluslan, you can practically trip and fall into a level 60 zone.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    Not sure if you guys are aware of this or not, but the texture of some of the old ruins in Heiron needs to be addressed, specifically near the Lepharist Research Center. When you approach the walls there, there is a strange bluish light showing through the cracks which flickers when you walk past. I know the Lepharist's are conducting strange experiments there, but I'm fairly certain this shouldn't be happening. I can post a picture or video up if need be.
  6. Mean little bug

    Why those sneaky little Shugos, tsk tsk tsk. @Cyan, I think your team may want to look into this.
  7. Hello, all! Could someone please tell me what is included in the Sweet Chocolate housing package? They use to provide a list of contents and preview images of housing packages on the purchase page, but for some reason they have neglected to add them to the new shop. I would especially like to know if this wallpaper is included: @Cyan, while we are on the topic, is there any chance we could have the BCM housing section updated to include all of the wallpapers we use to be able to purchase? Or have them added to one of the in-game merchants? Thanks to whomever replies!
  8. Is it still missing? Who runs off with a fountain?!
  9. Daeva's Day Contest Inquiry

    Thank you, @Cyan! By untradable I am guessing you mean it is also unstorable in the account warehouse?
  10. Daeva's Day Contest Inquiry

    Bumping this topic because I would really like an answer!
  11. Game Crashes on Start

    Can someone please inform me which Nvidia update is the culprit? I know you said it was released near the end of August, but I updated my drivers about two weeks ago and haven't experienced any problems with Aion. If I knew which version to watch out for then I'll make sure not to install it.
  12. October Store Suggestions

    Just voted! I'd honestly like to see all of the above mentioned mounts added to the BCM. We are seriously lacking choices!
  13. Daeva's Day Contest Inquiry

    Hello, I have a couple of important questions for @Cyan about the current Daeva's Day card design contest. First and foremost: In the official community news bulletin, under the list of requirements, it states "Entries must be submitted before September 29, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. PDT". However, it states in the Official Rules that "Entries will only be considered valid if the submission email is received by the Sponsor between 12:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (“PDT”) on September 12, 2019 and 11:59 PM PDT on September 27, 2019 (“Entry Period”). Which deadline is correct? The in-game prize "Electronic Outfit and Hairpin" will be delivered via in-game mailbox to the character specified in the entry. Will these items be account warehouse storeable (available to all character's on the account) or bound to the character it is sent to? I have already asked support for clarification on the tradeability of the in-game prize and they informed me that they did not have an answer. I am hoping you may be able to provide me with answers to both of these questions before the submission deadline. Thank you!
  14. ATTN Devs: Prize Item Previews

    Does anyone know if event items like the Electronic Outfit and Hairpin tend to be tradeable through the account warehouse, or are they character-bound?
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 25, 2019

    @Cyan, could you please inform us on whether the Electronic Outfit and Hairpin prize being awarded for the Daeva's Day card event will be tradeable through our account warehouse, or character-bound? Also, will it be sent through Black Cloud Trader's mail or standard in-game mail? P.S. support didn't have an answer for me.