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  1. I just want to clarify to those who may be wondering, the magic carpet mount will not expire in 30 days if it is still in your mail bag. If you leave the delivery in your mail bag and do not claim it on any toon, it will stay there unused until you do. I just checked mine a day later and the timer still says 30 days.
  2. The moment we've all been waiting for: The after maintenance server update bug-fest! ?
  3. They moved Herelym Mine to the middle of a camp???? ?
  4. I want to back up @Vantheria-DN here and say that I have never seen that set drop in Alquimia Research Center, and I ran a few toons through that instance fairly recently.
  5. @Brutallus-DN, thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention! I was actually debating on whether to purchase this set a month or so ago, but thought better of it when nobody could tell me what was included in the package! Glad I held off! @Cyan, I appreciate the quick action taken to get this item off the BCM market, as well as the initiative to replace those timed items with the permanent versions in the near future. While we are on the topic of housing, I have been asking for the Floral Vine Furniture Set and matching 3-drawer Floral Vine Cabinet to be added back to the BCM for se
  6. This is exactly what I was going to ask. @Cyan, do we get to keep our Stormwing after the event or will he vanish? ?
  7. My greatest wish at this point would be for them to revive housing. I know it's just a small aspect of the game, but it gave me something fun to do that was stress-free. Even if Korea doesn't care about housing anymore (or at they don't appear to), it doesn't mean NCWEST shouldn't care. It's not like we're asking for the moon, we just want the items we once had back. Please check out my thread ? if you would like to see cabinets and other housing items added back to the Black Cloud Market!
  8. I appreciate the support guys! ? We are going to need to generate more enthusiasm though if they are going to take us seriously. Let's try to spread the word in-game and see if others will join and leave their thoughts here.
  9. Hello, Prior to the 6.0 update we had quite a variety of housing furnishings, wallpapers and cabinets available for purchase on the Black Cloud Market. Since the store was "updated", nearly all of these items have been removed from the market. I think it is time that this section of the store get restocked. It makes no sense not to provide players with these items, particularly cabinets, as we need that room to store the items we collect and purchase! One cabinet that I would love to see re-added is the Floral Vine Cabinet, an attractive three-drawer cabinet that is part of a furniture se
  10. I don't know if this thread is still being monitored, but... NCWEST, please put the Floral Vine furniture packages (both the interior and outdoor sets) and the Floral Vine Cabinet back on the Black Cloud Market. The cabinet gives three rows of additional space that I desperately need. I purchased one in the past on one of my toons and would like to buy another, but for some reason they were never added back to the store.
  11. @Cyan - Could you please ask the team to add the Floral Vine Furniture set and the Floral Vine Cabinet back on the Black Cloud Market? I'd really love to buy the cabinet in particular!
  12. Well, I did say I was trying to import an NPC's stats into the character creator in my original post. I guess that answers my question then. Thanks for your help! ?
  13. @Arhangelos-KT Thank you for the detailed answer! Unfortunately, this method did not work for me. ? Allow me to explain. I took a screenshot of the NPC as you instructed. I went to my folder and found the image with the customization number. I loaded the character creation window and the image was there, but when I went to import the data, my own character appeared instead of the NPC (I was standing near them when I took the photo). So I went back to the same NPC, zoomed all the way in so only she was visible, and took a new image. This time when I went to load the image in the creator t
  14. Hey @Arhangelos-KT, I have a question about screenshots and I am hoping you will have an answer for me. I believe I read somewhere that you can import screenshots of characters taken in-game and load those character stats into the character creator. Is this true? I attempted to take a picture of an NPC in-game and load her stats into the character creator, but it did not work. I put the screenshot in the same folder as my other character files, but the file would not show up when I tried to import it. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you!
  15. @Cyan, would it be possible for you guys to put the Floral Vine Furniture package and Floral Vine Cabinet on the Black Cloud Market again? I'd love to buy the set, but I'm not interested in owning a house in order to buy it. (Can you even purchase the cabinet in-game?) ?
  16. I want to voice my support for this! A lot of the older hairstyles are still widely used and I see no reason why the textures haven't been updated. I also think it is weird that some of the newer ones were released when they so clearly have pixel issues. There are several hairstyles I'd love to use, but I refuse to spend money on buggy hairstyles. I'd like to make a suggestion regarding events! In the future, could you please add more events that EVERYONE can enjoy? There seems to always be a high level restriction on events and it seriously alienates new and returning players. I realize
  17. @Vantheria-DN, thank you so much for taking the time to answer me so thoroughly! ? I feel more confident now making a decision.
  18. lol, I am so sorry for the confusion! I was racking my brain to find the easiest and clearest way to explain myself, but apparently I didn't succeed. Yes, this is exactly what I was asking about. I have one of those hair appearance-changing "hats" (for example: Two-toned Bob) that I wanted to register in the wardrobe as is, rather than skinning it on a piece of gear. However, if I register that hat, will I be unable to see the appearance of any other hat I equip normally through the character profile window? I have a feeling I would be better off not registering the hat at all and
  19. Is there a way to "hide" the appearance of a registered item in the wardrobe? For instance, what if I register a hat but have another hat in my inventory that I would like to equip from time to time? Am I unable to toggle the appearance?
  20. So now all players level 10-70 are stuck on one map? As if the game wasn't monotonous enough. I particularly love how as a level 16 in Beluslan, you can practically trip and fall into a level 60 zone.
  21. Not sure if you guys are aware of this or not, but the texture of some of the old ruins in Heiron needs to be addressed, specifically near the Lepharist Research Center. When you approach the walls there, there is a strange bluish light showing through the cracks which flickers when you walk past. I know the Lepharist's are conducting strange experiments there, but I'm fairly certain this shouldn't be happening. I can post a picture or video up if need be.
  22. Why those sneaky little Shugos, tsk tsk tsk. @Cyan, I think your team may want to look into this.
  23. Hello, all! Could someone please tell me what is included in the Sweet Chocolate housing package? They use to provide a list of contents and preview images of housing packages on the purchase page, but for some reason they have neglected to add them to the new shop. I would especially like to know if this wallpaper is included: @Cyan, while we are on the topic, is there any chance we could have the BCM housing section updated to include all of the wallpapers we use to be able to purchase? Or have them added to one of the in-game merchants? Thanks to whomever replies!
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