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  1. With the amount of bugs that remain unfixed, for such long periods of time, you would think this was a private server game run by people who aren't getting paid for their work (no motivation to fix the glitches or the means). Yet, the player-base is mistreated as the workers allow these bugs to remain existing. Does NC just think "lol oh well?" Part of this attraction of this game was the character customization and they can't even fix the black eye bug. Players are trying to gear up and can't even progress through Bastion of Souls because a glitch commonly exists that doesn't spawn the final prisoner, burning 6 entries for nothing. Sure, they're "working on it." Right. /s. At this stage, you can't afford to lose players and you're costing yourself potential new/returning players by providing everyone with a bugged game that is literally preventing people from progressing & enjoying their toons (including transparent transformation scrolls not freely available in game). NC is the McDonald's with the eternal broken ice cream machine.