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  1. I'm only pointing out how things are here. This is the present situation, this is the limit of what these people can do, and your Siel's Aura/Daeva's Pass money is not going to change a single thing about it. "Why open a server like that? to make us pay a lot of money" You already answered your own question. But feel free to complain, maybe the Wildstar/MxM/Aion Retail people or many others who have boycotted NCSoft can tell you how much it has helped them.
  2. If you didn't know yet, NCWest hasn't had an in-house development team for ages. The game-specific teams here were disbanded eons ago. The few people who are left (mostly volunteers) just apply the files Korea sends them. They can do simple things like server maintenance, handle tickets (payment issues, restore items), keep an eye on the forum/twitter, but that's about it. For anything more, like the siege bug, they have to report to Korea & wait for fixed files to be sent over. Furthermore, those few people left here (e.g. Hime) also have to manage the other NCWest titles here, like
  3. The 100% EXP buff we've all had for two weeks recently was your cue to reroll on Siel. A good amount of IS players made use of it, why didn't you?
  4. lmao some of you guys are something else. They give you the 1.5 you wanted for so long, and yet some already ask for 1.7 one week in. People complain about legions hoarding all medals on infinite defense, and then you complain about Dredge commanders being too hard and actually losing forts like was always intended. And so on. I don't blame NC for keeping communication to a minimum with how things are around here.
  5. Same thing on Siel-E. Big Gojira spawned 1h ahead of time in a different place, the Baby spawn at the usual place and at the right time, but there were 2 of them. Only on this Saturday, the weekday ones worked fine.
  6. Amidst all negativity plaguing this forum - event is working this time, kills count and we can open the chests. The loot is another story, but still. Thanks 😁
  7. Or you could just go and play on a private server instead of trying to decide for everyone else.
  8. I've been checking this over the recent days and can confirm that those rift times are accurate. Thank you for finding it. Normally I'd imagine it is the job of the staff to disclose the rift/siege schedules per update, but it is still nice to see the community step in to cover for them if they don't.
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