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  1. Hey NCSoft. I know u dont care about the players at all.. All u want u try to make a litle bit more of money before this game come to the end.. But at least u can just pretend to be worried about the game.... The current sistem on everglade is a real pain in the ass, today i make 3 quick apply, and in the 3 of them, leads was AFK, ofc thats a 75% lose... We are not asking u to stop the hackers, we know that u are not gonna stop that becose they give u money.. Or stop the bots, Or stop making this game a pay to win AF, its just to let us kick ppl from Evergale Canyon, there are a lots of
  2. Hello. I was thinking about this: Q: What will happen to my house, mansion, estate, and/or palace? The housing auction and bidding will close at an announced date in september. Housing will be reset for all servers. For players who own a house, mansion, estate, and/or palace, you will receive the Kinah price you paid for your home along with three weeks of the maintenance fees. Please do not abuse this system. We will be monitoring this for inflated Kinah gains, and accounts attempting to exploit the system will face action. Housing auctions will be opened again in October. I re
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