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    Since the game is getting checked again, can also be checked this part of the patch? http://prntscr.com/quodzm Is on the "Items" section. I tried to put on my account wh some enchantment stones I have - no events one - and I couldn't. Thank you!
  2. Hey NOD continue spam reports

    Freaking Nod people. Bullying BR's.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    Oh forgot to mention, run it on alts for later buy from broker the scrolls is also not a good deal. NCSOFT make sure of it~ https://prnt.sc/nm2zd1 THE JOKE.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    I don't know what's the reason to release an event where at the end, we just get more f*ckd. The main reason why events exist on games is an "easy way" to obtain certain items or goal that you can't get it in a normal daily game life. Put an event where the cost of the most desirable item is 2k and in reality you get only between 2 to 10 coins from each bundle is completely pointless. None wanna farm 28 days for probably get an transformation that isnt for ur class. The players already deal everyday with the shitty rng that this game offer, being p2w or f2p~ Events are make for take advantage of it, not for bleed and get nothing.
  5. cough cough http://prntscr.com/ngb47q None cares about the ranks, is for the rewards. reset happen in 1min. and also, @Cyan moshi-moshi?????? http://prntscr.com/ngb7x5

    Idk why the transparent scrolls are an "issue", they are on the Luna daily box that you open with the blue key, give you 20 and if you were actively playing, you can just trade from ur toons to ur main through broker. Literally, that's the most pathetic excuse lol And the p2w has being always there, but at least now they "control" it a bit more. You can pay extra entries for the PvP instances indeed, but after 2 or 3 - forgot - you have to pay more, like the double so actually make you consider if its worth to do that since the issue for purify the gear arent the Legendary/Ultimate relics, are the Fighting Spirit Fragment that you only can get by extracting PvP gear and ask a TONS of it. So the only way to get extra PvP gear its buying with Genesis Crystal or crafting gear in Aetherforging, that again, both are F2P. Imo, I think the f2p user if decide to put it some effort, can make more kinah or even get to himself some Ncoin codes - heard of people trading full crafted gear for some ncoin codes - for buy himself a Prestige Pass but that. once again, require a lot of effort and time consuming. Only thing I hate, since I mention it, its being forced to buy the prestige pass for get extra entries when before we have the instance pack that we could get it igm. If at least the Prestige Pass were tradeable as the Gold Pack from EU, would be waaaaaaaay better.
  7. Thank you! There's any plan for increase the kinah cap from the vendor before the patch arrives? 110m kinah its not enough for an entire account.
  8. @Cyan I have a doubt about this part: Supplements can no longer be used and can be sold to the vendor for Kinah. When I try to sell my supps on another region, they became unsellable or you mean for be sell it now in the current patch?
  9. The world chat get an "improvement", now Elyos and Asmos can write there and everyone online can see it. Ofc, for write there you need an item that suppose to be implemented with the patch that its similar to the current one and you can get it with quna.
  10. Hey, Cyan, thx for the update but there's something that still you guys need to check and review. https://gyazo.com/e3622c1debb3e86021a5fd3493f59139 How the normal Harvester would give PvP accs and not the master Harvester? Can you guys, please, re-check again this part? Thank you once again!
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    you really expect we care about how long the event last? after see this prices? ty for ruin the whole playerbase
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    Hey, we don't have the NPC from the event that started a week ago already, neither the new prices but they remove the GP from EB and IS!!! Instances that NONE run it anymore in 5.8, xo
  13. Sell Tenacity/Discipline Tickets

    I completely understand and support this suggestion. However, this doesn't gonna fix either the current lack of actual PvP in the game. Why? Mainly reason why people were buying the Discipline tickets wasn't for the idea of get a good PvP, was more about the easy GP obtained -ThunderSpank got his rank afk most of his disciplines as others- There's not a lot of players as you and others that doesn't care about the GP gaining on PvP matters, but the 80-90% of the player base its trying to recover/get a rank. So I honestly doubt someone would buy this tickets -besides the people who support this idea and its willing to p2w for enjoy a content THAT SUPPOSE to be already in the game- without get any kind of reward and just for the chance of get some "good PvP" wich can be again a dodge or afk. However, for this issue I suggest a solution. No reward at all sounds bad even for me that doesn't care about the GP but I do care about the AP, so my suggestion would be remove the GP from the extras arenas runs and replace it with more AP/Petrals Medals or bundles as the one from OW with chances of get augment/conditioning bundles. Since are rewards that exist already for anothers PvP instances, MAYBE there's a chance they can actually implemented it for the extras arenas runs that you are looking for~ People that are actually still gearing up or wanna get ready for the next patch, would like more the idea about gain AP/Medals from the extras runs and excuse the "consume" of augment/conditioning on single arenas. This also would make people ask more for tickets on LFG/broker, making this a new kinah resource for players who wanna spend in the game because its actually more fun do an 9min arena than a 15min of EB - for example - and also can increase the number of people buying value pack for get more AP/medals~
  14. Haunted Energy Item Reward List

    if there's any chance to replace the Ancient Coins/Dyes for Miniums? I understand why the Golden Wing Marks are still there but ancient coin its kinda old content and almost no use unless for Unbinding stones.