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  1. New Enchanting System Changes

    This is a good idea, should help a lot, especially getting Ultimate stones, as they have been unobtainium rare. Does anyone know the 6.5 enchantment rates that are coming so I can see the difference to the current rates?
  2. Server Merge

    So much EK hate in this thread. Also people that don't know the difference between PTS and EK too. I have been playing Aion since 2009, started on Nezekan server, I know plenty about forced server merges and how they caused people to leave the game. Be careful what you wish for.
  3. Server Merge

  4. Server Merge

    I notice that all the "experts" on EK in this thread are from other servers. EK exists for a reason, just like PTS does, it's so people can experience the game without legacy baggage, get over it.
  5. Server Merge

    No the siege would not gain many players if EK was merged. Firstly most of the players on EK already have toons on KT or DN, so if they wanted to siege there they would. Secondly, my PC crashes on sieges because Aion has unfixed buggy code which can't handle many toons in close proximity to you, even with shift+f12. (Other games can handle sieges on the same hardware) I am running a 4 core Xeon with 8GB RAM, nVidia 1060 video card and SSD which I would classify as a reasonable PC. So sieges on EK are my only option, even then, I usually get a crash or disconnect if I push to close to the front line. I am sure there are lots of people with the same problem. Considering that sieges on EK are fun with no shortage of combat, why spoil it? What's the desire to have sieges with 500+ toons per side on code which can't handle it? I must be missing some well buried point.
  6. Server Merge

    The people on EK don't want a server merge, or they simply wouldn't have rolled toons there in the first place! EK largely avoids the world PvP imbalance garbage created by the compensation rewards from 5.8, and that's important.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    Can low level characters do Luna stuff? I thought you had to be L10 or more.
  8. EK Incentives / Catch up?

    What would be nice to see is EK to get a crafting buff. The reason being is that the other servers had a lot of kinah, compensation gear, an other legacy items, which gives them an unfair advantage in PvP eg. Dredge, ID, arenas etc. because we must fight teams from other servers. So it's very hard for EK to win the PvP stones etc. required to upgrade the genesis ancient get. Many players are trying to level their crafting so they can get some better gear. Trouble is that, once you get above 100 in aetherforging, the crafting materials are expensive, and extremely slow to grind. I am lucky if i can get 2-3 levels per day grinding for hours on end.
  9. Daily Luna Box is Bugged.

    I was wondering what was going on, the progress bar moves but nothing crafted, I thought I had hit some limit I was unaware of.
  10. Bots Bots Bots on EK-ELYOS

    There is only a tiny number of bots on EK compared to KT where most of my toons are, and it was hard to get at the weekly mobs. Yes, the report function doesn't seem to work. Be sure you are reporting a bot, I grind on my chanter for hours every day to get mats for crafting, and that could easily be mistaken for a bot, going around the same circle of mobs day in day out. It's not fun either, I would rather buy the mats off someones bot on the broker, but kinah on EK is hard to get, so I am forced to grind. It is fun when some Asmo thinks you are a bot and you kill them
  11. titles new players?

    This thread is about titles for new players, not farming mats for potions. I pointed out that toons on EK don't have titles either so you are not disadvantaged like you would be on KT and DN who do have titles from pre 6.2.
  12. Server transfers

    I wasn't talking about new players, I was talking about new toons.
  13. titles new players?

    New players should roll on EK where everybody has limited titles, speed, lack of mounts. If you roll a new toon on KT or DN you will be at a disadvantage compared to the pre 6.2 players there that have titles, mounts, kinah, better gear. EK was created as a level playing field for new players, not because KT and DN were overloaded.
  14. Server transfers

    EK is a level playing field, because the other servers are corrupted from the imbalance caused by the compensation gear. If you are starting a new toon it makes sense to do it on EK or you will be disadvantaged. For the same reason, you wouldn't want to transfer off EK anyway, and the EK players wouldn't want compensation geared players from KT and DN transferring to EK and spoiling it.
  15. 6.0 broke PvP enchanting, even the better 6.5 rates are a far cry from what is needed. The devs have gone RNG fail crazy for some reason, perhaps they have a pay to win fix planned, I don't know. What I do know is that the compensation PvP gear is spoiling PvP on KT and DN so I only play on EK nowadays because nobody has compensation gear on EK, so the bad PvP enchant rates are for one and all which is fair.