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  1. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    I hope they fix crafting in 7.5, they totally destroyed it with the release of 7.2 in NA. Prior to that the broker was full of crafted gear to buy, all the way up to Ultimate, now nothing.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    I wonder if removing Xigncode will help fix the disconnects during Lakrum sieges I always get when the other faction zerg is near causing lag? Also, it might be worth trying to run Aion again under Linux with Xigncode removed as it broke that.
  3. Compensation on my STONES!!!

    Enchantment failure is the single biggest ongoing complaint in Aion, I know several people from a legions I was in, that rage quite Aion to play other MMORPGs just because of a bad enchanting experience. I am not that sensitive, but I can see their frustration.
  4. Fix enchantment rates!

    What I don't get is there isn't even a clear pay to win option for fixing the enchantments. Once upon a time there were 100% supplements for manastones. I think the solution is to either get rid of the failure causing fallback to +10 (make it just drop 1 level) or re-enable the trading of enchant stones back to how they use to be before 6.0 so we can stock up to compensate for the absurd failure rate. Or, a 3rd. option if NCSoft insist on enchantment stones being untradable, they could lower the requirement for promoting PvP gear from +15 to +10.
  5. The weekly Luna instance is garbage, you don't even get XP at L80, they need to make the reward worth while, or just delete it, so that players don't waste their play time on it.
  6. Enchantment rates...Again..!

    Are you sure that NA have those 6.5 rates? I have been burning though hundreds of ancient stones trying to get ancient gear to +15.
  7. Enchantment rates...Again..!

    BTW. the probability of an ancient enchant stone succeeding on a piece of ancient gear above +9 is 28% Therefore, to get 5 successes in a row is (0.28 x 0.28 x 0.28 x 0.28 x 0.28) = 0.001721 or about 1 in 580 tries. Using legendary enchant stones on a piece of ancient get is a 48% chance So to get to +15 is (0.48 x 0.48 x 0.48 x 0.48 x 0.48) = 0.2548 or about 1 in 39 tries. The question becomes where do you get 39 legendary enchant stone just to upgrade one piece of ancient gear let alone 15 or more pieces of gear. Lets not get started on promoting from legendary to ultimate.
  8. Enchantment rates...Again..!

    The Enchantment system is totally broken. Why do I say that? Because when they introduced the "fall back to +10" feature, you could trade enchantment stones between toons/players and on the broker to make up the number of stones you need for the ultra low success probability. Now that is no longer the case. Enchantment stones are essential to promote PvP gear and extremely hard to obtain in the quantities required. New toons like the Vandal class are totally screwed for getting PvP up to the level of the other classes which have had a year head start.
  9. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    Well the merge has not been kind to me. I use to attend almost all the sieges on EK, I have tried 3 times on KT using 2 different computers, (Xeon 4 core, 8GB RAM, SSD, gtx-1060) and I disconnect when I get to about 50m from the Asmo zerg, that's on fixed FPS with shift+f12. What the admins should have done is leave EK as it was, but open Elyos only character transfers from KT and DN to EK to help balance the factions. Oh well, the game is not so interesting anymore without sieges.
  10. No GP (or too little) on sieges?

    What's the point of buying siege weapons and seeds to xform if all you get is zero or 3 GP?
  11. No GP (or too little) on sieges?

    Last Lakram siege today, I was in an Elyos Xform PvP group, not part of an alliance, opened with a Siege Weapon on the gate, and after that fell, some of the group Xformed and we ran around inside the fort doing PvP, only ended up with 2GP even though the group got 51 kills. Got 160GP earlier this week in a similar group, and we didn't capture the fort like we did this time. I wonder what the new strategy is, get into an alliance and only go for PvE mobs forget PvP?
  12. It's a stoopid idea, people have crafted, done weeklies, got drops and other rewards, and you want to delete all that just because of some minor bugs. Get real, the game is a living breathing thing, toons are progressing all the time and not everyone cares about GP.
  13. No GP (or too little) on sieges?

    So is it a bug, or is this the new way GP is going to be?
  14. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    They already are, a Glad can run into a geared enemy group and kill the lot within a few seconds. I can't believe the devs allowed this imbalance.
  15. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Don't like the Chanter and SW nerfs