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  1. EK Server Situation

    One of the caused of afk during sieges that I have observed, which it's not unique to EK, is many players have multiple accounts and PCs, so they do several logins at once, play one of them, and afk the others to AP/GP rewards at the siege. On EK, there is a huge faction imbalance, usually you get 2-3 times as many Asmos turning up to the sieges. That's why they are on the boss before we get the outer gate down in Divine.
  2. Chanter needs a nerf

    I was under the impression that Chanters are by far, the lowest dps class in the game, so I don't understand what all the QQ is about. If someone would like to explain.
  3. Regarding Server Transfers

    There were only 7 Elyos on EK a couple of hours ago, there are 13 on now as I type this, lots are leaving each week. If you try and grind for crafting mats, you will get ganked by some Asmo scout, they will run around the map looking for the 7 online Elyos to sneak up on and harass, which of course makes more Elyos leave, the Asmos just don't understand the results of their actions, they think the are doing PvP but it's either ganking someone on a mob or low geared, or a zerg. Either way the Elyos just leave and play on a more balanced server, or go watch a video.
  4. I notice the OP has a server merge character name still, so has been playing Aion for a quite while, and is making out like just started and disappointed. Pretty obvious trolling.
  5. Regarding Server Transfers

    Quite true, at any given time on EK there is about 300% more Asmos online than Elyos, though there is a larger turnout during siege times. I presume the Elyos have toons on other servers they are playing at other times, or simply logging out. The impact of low Elyos numbers can be felt in several ways. Firstly, we have to wait until there is a huge buff to win a siege. Secondly not many people buying the stuff you sell on the broker, so the Elyos economy is totally screwed. Lastly, it's hard to get groups for doing things unless it's prime time. I am Oceanic time, so Lakrum is a ghost town in my evenings. One thing I noticed is the gear discrepancy between the Asmos and the Elyos is growing, at the start it was pretty even, but now the Asmos are speeding off into the distance with better gear. I presume it's because they can get groups to run instances easier, and they have more kinah to buy crafting scrolls and mats.
  6. New Enchanting System Changes

    If you read my post properly you would know that is exactly what I am doing, let me quote it for you "including Legendary stones for the last couple of levels". You would also note that I have successfully gotten 10 pieces of Vindicator PvP gear up to +15 in the past, but something has recently changed on EK at least. Over 300 ancient stones now plus dozens of legendary stones and I can't get a single piece up to +15 anymore. Do you comprehend? Something has changed.
  7. New Enchanting System Changes

    I also think there has been a ninja rollback to 6.2 enchant rates. I managed to get 10 pieces of Ancient Vindicator PvP enchanted to +15 using about 40 Ancient enchant stones a piece. All of a sudden in the past 2 weeks I can't get the next piece past +10 and I have used over 200 enchantment stones on it, including Legendary stones for the last couple of levels, and they always fail. Do you realize how hard it is to obtain that many stones? I don't think it's just bad luck, after doing 10 pieces I know what luck feels like.

    I see I am the only one from EK posting this thread so far. I have toons on KT and DN as well, so I know what those servers are all about. I choose to play on EK nowadays, it's far better because it's less congested. I can't do sieges on any other server without DC or game crashes, even on EK they happen once or twice a siege, and I am sure there are many players in the same situation. Aion can't handle big PvP like other games can, the engine just doesn't cut it. So why spoil it calling for a merge? From my point of view that would just stop me doing sieges altogether again.
  9. New Enchanting System Changes

    Even with the 6.5 changes, the basic enchanting is still rather pathetic. It's not hard to got though 100 stones on an ancient piece of PvP gear and still be stuck at +10. You have to get it to +15 before you can promote it to legendary, and you have 17 pieces of gear to do. You are lucky to get 100 ancient enchant stones from a weeks worth of doing camps and converting the crystals.
  10. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    I think the broker fees are most of the problem, they soak up too much of the server economy. The devs set the fees way too high, if it was halved it would still be way too high, that's how much they got it wrong.
  11. New Enchanting System Changes

    This is a good idea, should help a lot, especially getting Ultimate stones, as they have been unobtainium rare. Does anyone know the 6.5 enchantment rates that are coming so I can see the difference to the current rates?
  12. Server Merge

    So much EK hate in this thread. Also people that don't know the difference between PTS and EK too. I have been playing Aion since 2009, started on Nezekan server, I know plenty about forced server merges and how they caused people to leave the game. Be careful what you wish for.
  13. Server Merge

  14. Server Merge

    I notice that all the "experts" on EK in this thread are from other servers. EK exists for a reason, just like PTS does, it's so people can experience the game without legacy baggage, get over it.
  15. Server Merge

    No the siege would not gain many players if EK was merged. Firstly most of the players on EK already have toons on KT or DN, so if they wanted to siege there they would. Secondly, my PC crashes on sieges because Aion has unfixed buggy code which can't handle many toons in close proximity to you, even with shift+f12. (Other games can handle sieges on the same hardware) I am running a 4 core Xeon with 8GB RAM, nVidia 1060 video card and SSD which I would classify as a reasonable PC. So sieges on EK are my only option, even then, I usually get a crash or disconnect if I push to close to the front line. I am sure there are lots of people with the same problem. Considering that sieges on EK are fun with no shortage of combat, why spoil it? What's the desire to have sieges with 500+ toons per side on code which can't handle it? I must be missing some well buried point.