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  1. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    Well the merge has not been kind to me. I use to attend almost all the sieges on EK, I have tried 3 times on KT using 2 different computers, (Xeon 4 core, 8GB RAM, SSD, gtx-1060) and I disconnect when I get to about 50m from the Asmo zerg, that's on fixed FPS with shift+f12. What the admins should have done is leave EK as it was, but open Elyos only character transfers from KT and DN to EK to help balance the factions. Oh well, the game is not so interesting anymore without sieges.
  2. No GP (or too little) on sieges?

    What's the point of buying siege weapons and seeds to xform if all you get is zero or 3 GP?
  3. No GP (or too little) on sieges?

    Last Lakram siege today, I was in an Elyos Xform PvP group, not part of an alliance, opened with a Siege Weapon on the gate, and after that fell, some of the group Xformed and we ran around inside the fort doing PvP, only ended up with 2GP even though the group got 51 kills. Got 160GP earlier this week in a similar group, and we didn't capture the fort like we did this time. I wonder what the new strategy is, get into an alliance and only go for PvE mobs forget PvP?
  4. It's a stoopid idea, people have crafted, done weeklies, got drops and other rewards, and you want to delete all that just because of some minor bugs. Get real, the game is a living breathing thing, toons are progressing all the time and not everyone cares about GP.
  5. No GP (or too little) on sieges?

    So is it a bug, or is this the new way GP is going to be?
  6. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    They already are, a Glad can run into a geared enemy group and kill the lot within a few seconds. I can't believe the devs allowed this imbalance.
  7. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Don't like the Chanter and SW nerfs
  8. EK Server Situation

    That's because the amount of GP required to get General Rank on EK is a lot lower, if EK was merged with another server you probably wouldn't be General Rank anymore because you would not have enough GP. For example, the lowest Elyos General on KT atm is 766k GP, on EK it's only 9.2.k GP, that's a massive difference. People forget that above Rank 1, your rank is relative to all other players, not some fixed number of GP.
  9. EK Server Situation

    That was a good day, it's usually less than 20 online except at US peak time and sieges. Have a look at the number of members, and GP of the top 20 Elyos vs Asmo legions in the Abyss rankings, if you want clear stats showing the massive imbalance between the factions. Something went seriously wrong on EK, most toons are Asmo, it's like it was a magnet for them. The Elyos just sit there and QQ in chat that it's a dead server, but don't comprehend that it's seriously imbalanced, and they are on the dead side. The admins should have nipped it in the bud months ago, and suspended the ability to roll Asmo toons until some form of balance was achieved, but they were asleep at the wheel.
  10. Account Trading Items

    For the 10 years that I have been playing Aion, there has been the ability to account trade many items and kinah, all of a sudden it gets removed in 6.2 without so much as a simple explanation by NCsoft staff regarding the logic behind the decision. Has anyone noticed that Legion storage is now next to useless?
  11. EK Server Situation

    One of the caused of afk during sieges that I have observed, which it's not unique to EK, is many players have multiple accounts and PCs, so they do several logins at once, play one of them, and afk the others to AP/GP rewards at the siege. On EK, there is a huge faction imbalance, usually you get 2-3 times as many Asmos turning up to the sieges. That's why they are on the boss before we get the outer gate down in Divine.
  12. Chanter needs a nerf

    I was under the impression that Chanters are by far, the lowest dps class in the game, so I don't understand what all the QQ is about. If someone would like to explain.
  13. Regarding Server Transfers

    There were only 7 Elyos on EK a couple of hours ago, there are 13 on now as I type this, lots are leaving each week. If you try and grind for crafting mats, you will get ganked by some Asmo scout, they will run around the map looking for the 7 online Elyos to sneak up on and harass, which of course makes more Elyos leave, the Asmos just don't understand the results of their actions, they think the are doing PvP but it's either ganking someone on a mob or low geared, or a zerg. Either way the Elyos just leave and play on a more balanced server, or go watch a video.
  14. I notice the OP has a server merge character name still, so has been playing Aion for a quite while, and is making out like just started and disappointed. Pretty obvious trolling.
  15. Regarding Server Transfers

    Quite true, at any given time on EK there is about 300% more Asmos online than Elyos, though there is a larger turnout during siege times. I presume the Elyos have toons on other servers they are playing at other times, or simply logging out. The impact of low Elyos numbers can be felt in several ways. Firstly, we have to wait until there is a huge buff to win a siege. Secondly not many people buying the stuff you sell on the broker, so the Elyos economy is totally screwed. Lastly, it's hard to get groups for doing things unless it's prime time. I am Oceanic time, so Lakrum is a ghost town in my evenings. One thing I noticed is the gear discrepancy between the Asmos and the Elyos is growing, at the start it was pretty even, but now the Asmos are speeding off into the distance with better gear. I presume it's because they can get groups to run instances easier, and they have more kinah to buy crafting scrolls and mats.