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  1. Lakrum Guards

    Lakram is rather useless nowadays since 7.5, Do once camp weekly for100 crystals to craft a skill book, The Lakrum gear you can buy with the crystal is 3rd. rate, not worth burning your hourglass over. The only thing that is still ok is doing a HM run for AP. The fort siege use to be good, so the killed that.
  2. Renown system Broken?

    You obviously don't play Crimson Katalam very much. You have to be level 5 to buy gear off the Shugos and that's a lot of time wasted if you have many characters. It was fine in 7.3 not anymore when you can only enter the map every other day.
  3. Renown system Broken?

    I have ended up deleting half my toons because I can't keep up with the renown daily points maintenance quests. It's a pity, I invested a lot of time into them.
  4. Renown system Broken?

    Another thing about the renown system in Crimson Katalam, is it encourage people to level the camp to 2 or 3 for the renown points then leave. Which means people who are there trying to do the weekly sins have to wait and wait and wait. It's horrible compared to 7.3
  5. Renown system Broken?

    The Renown points system seems discriminatory, it works against casual players, or those that have several alts. They need to have a serious rethink the time period the points are valid for.
  6. Latency Issues when will it be fixed?

    It's almost 7pm PDT now, did it work? I haven't logged on for several hour because it has been pointless for the past couple of weeks.
  7. Your stuff will be there but a lot of it will be obsolete, some things it will give you are credit for, most things you just rubbish. Start doing the new campaign quests to level up and you will get better gear along the way. Don't forget to rename your toons with the name change ticket in your inventory of each one.
  8. Server Lag on Danaria

    Yet when I go in instances the lag sucks, and causes disconnects. I am in the Contaminate Underpath atm and the /ping is unplayable, doesn't even return a result before I get disconnected, 3 times in 5min.
  9. Fixing the lag should be a priority over new events. It's been 2 weeks.
  10. Game Lag

    If you play at server time midnight to about 5am it's not too bad.
  11. Server Lag on Danaria

    It's got nothing to do with the servers, because several people have reported that changing to a proxy service like Fastping makes the problem go away instantly. All the proxy service does is change the Internet path used to get to the Aion servers. So it's a communications problem, not a server problem.
  12. Game Lag

    I have been doing some observations, and for me the Aion is essentially unplayable during the server time between 4pm and midnight, then it improves dramatically for about 4-5 hours.
  13. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    The mobs in Crimson Katalam are too hard, they didn't need to do that, they were hard enough already. People are doing the quests to get better gear, yet they make the mobs so tough you need high end gear to kill them. Half my toons cant solo a sin at a camp before it flips unless they are a dps class.
  14. Why is the server transfer service unavailable?

    What's the point of a server transfer nowadays when most of the maps are shared between the servers anyway. It's a stealth merge.
  15. The lag is getting worse

    A couple of people have reported that using a proxy service fixed the horrible lag, that seems to point the finger at server bandwidth rather than CPU or disk load. So it's most likely an under provisioned data link which only effects certain routes, or some traffic shaping which I suggested in a previous post. Whatever the bandwidth issue is, more players online causes worse lag. Now is about the worst time of the day. ie. Server time is 6pm ping is 24,439ms and took 2min to return that result on the screen.