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  1. Haha, sorry bout the late response! Still new to the game that I hardly knew there was a friend system! Took me a while you'd have to right click to add them than having to do all the frustrating process of searching their Name and Level to find them.
  2. If there was a way I could see who've I played with that'd be rad, Group Wise. Having the best conversation with this guy whose played Aion for 10+ years just like me. If only I could reach out to that person and send an In-game friend request. This option or something like this in Aion would be very helpful and pleasing for us to meet new players and create a social environment for ourselves and including others as well. But I'm pretty upset that I won't be able to make this type of friend whose played Aion as old as me. But in all due with respect, everyone gets bored with one thing and
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