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  1. Valedia, can you please stay off the forums or are we going to have to block you here too?
  2. Out of 8 toons on this account, i have 4 that no longer get the bundles
  3. @Botijao-KT Adma Stronghold (46+) isn't the same as Adma's fall (66+) .... same with Theobomos lab and TTC BNE is talking about the lower level instances on the list
  4. Talking about Toxic environment, imagine if there was a dozen Neleth on the forum creating useless threads everyday...
  5. "He trades exclusively on the European servers"
  6. any update on this issue getting fixed?
  7. Instead of potential broken crystal balls? yeah sure.... otherwise, please no you can easily get 2 daily from C rank fissure
  8. Can't see all the stats when comparing items
  9. When you first logged on today after the daily reset, the event timer shows you the time you had left yesterday (incorrect time) for example if you had 40mins left yesterday and you logged off. This morning after the reset you logged on, it says in the evnt pop up that you have 40mins left before you get the bundle... well when the timer reaches 0, you won't get the bundle. You then relogged that toon and now the timer says 19~20mins. That's the good time, because you've been online for 40mins since the daily reset. I hope that makes sense
  10. People just got used to it, it's always been like that Just relog your toon to fix the event timer
  11. Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic).... 'nuff said
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